Hello,  Todays stamp shows two accomplished Polish aviators from the  1920 and 1930s.  Franciszek Zwirko and  Stanislaw Wigura. Together they won the 1932 international air contest, Challenge 1932 in their RWD – 6.   RWD was a Polish construction group known for developing and building sporting aircraft for competing in tourist aircraft contests. A popular sport at the time. The name RWD came from the initial of the three  designers / builders, of whom Wigura was one.

In the 1932 Challenge Zwirko was the pilot with Wigura as his mechanic.  Sadly, later that year On 11 September 1932, while flying to an air meeting in Prague Żwirko and Wigura fatally crashed in their RWD-6 in the forest at Cierlicko near Cieszyn in Czechoslovakia, when the wing broke in a heavy storm. The two men were buried in the Avenue of the Meritorious in Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

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