Hello and welcome back to cddstamps on aircraft and aerophilately.    A new topic at last. Took me a while but I have decided to try to write and show stamps from Poland. I have a few in my collection and no doubt will be adding more over the coming week or so.

Let’s start right at the beginning with a stamp from the 1925 issue (Scott C3). A set of 9 stamps, all showing this LVG Schneider biplane

I did not know and after reading I guess I cannot even pronounce it but LVG stands for  Luftverkehrsgesellschaft m.b.H.  It was a German aircraft manufacturer which began constructing aircraft in 1912, building Farman type aircraft. The company constructed many reconnaissance and light bomber biplanes during World War I.

The raid on London in 1916 was conducted by one LVG. It dropped its bombs near Victoria Station, but was shot down by French anti-aircraft gunners on its way home. And all that from  looking at and learning from stamps. What a wonderful hobby. I hope you will enjoy the Poland stamps that I will be showing over the coming days and week no doubt.

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