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Hello I hope you like seeing tonight’s’ first flight cover.

Being in the Philippines motivates me to learn more about the aviation history here, particularly because there is so much to appreciate given the pioneering aviation achievements in the early 1900s.

Of note is perhaps is the landmark date of November 22nd 1935 when a Pam Am Martin M-130 Flying Boat christened “The China Clipper” left San Francisco bound for Manila. The route was San Francisco – Honolulu – Midway Island – Wake Island – Guam – Manila.  The cover above was carried through to Manila arriving there November 29th.  There were 44,346 pieces of mail flown.

The stamps on the cover were a special issue by the US Postal Service – the stamp is known as the Transpacific Air Mail stamp.  There was also a special chachet in green issued by the Post Office, as shown on the reverse.

There is lots more to tell and I will do that over the coming weeks.

Enjoy your stamps  Best wishes   Michael  and online store here 


Hello, I am back in the Philippines after a wonderful long weekend in Hong Kong.  I did manage to get to the Mong Kok stamp arcade but did not buy any stamps this time. Nothing new to show you from that visit.

So,  since I was showing space related stamps in my last post I thought I would continue with the them and show the above because today marks another space anniversary. One I think worthy of mention, and, while I do know if she was recognised on a stamp there is this cover to commemorate the space walk.

She performed the first extra vehicular activity (more popularly known as an EVA) by an American woman during the  Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41-GON on October 11th 1984. She and mission specialist David Leestma  carried out a  3½ hour space walk in which they operated a system designed to show that a satellite could be refueled in orbit.

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Best wishes  … Michael


Tonight this strip of 5, because it was today, October 4th, back in 1957 that the space race took off, so to speak, with the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth.
The Sputnik stamp is shown on the cover I produced for the first commercial A380 flight from Sydney to Singapore, and on which I was a passenger carrying my covers. I hope you enjoy seeing the cover, the stamps and remembering how long ago 1957 was!!!!, let alone how it is hard to believe it was 9 years ago that the A380 started commercial flying. Enjoy your stamps and the memories I hope they give you.. Michael
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Hello,  I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp from France. Issued in 1970. One of a set of 4 commemorating aviation pioneers. Nothing really special but it is lovely to have in an aviation collection I think. I will have to look out for the other three in due course.

It shows Didier Daurat (on the left) and Raymond Vanier. Not exactly the most famous of aviation pioneers  – well to me anyway. The plane is a DC-4

Daraut was by all means an interesting and generally I believe an unliked character. He was a fighter pilot during World War I. After the war he joined an airline run by the famous Pierre-Georges Latécoère as a pilot and later as the Operations Director.

Raymond Vanier is also remembered as a pioneering aviator who played a key role in the development of French and Spanish civil aviation

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Something a bit different today as this is a stamp but not a Postal  Authority stamp. It is what I understand to be an Unofficial Local Post (also sometimes called a “cinderella”)  and was printed in 1987 for the 60th Anniversary of the Royal Flying Doctor Service  of Australia.

It was printed in a sheetlet of 10 and has a part “cancelled to order” cancellation. Below is what it would have looked like.

The aircraft in the image looks like a De Havilland DH 50, which was the model first used by the service back in 1928. Actually a Qantas aircraft back then I believe.

RFDS is a really brilliant organization providing amazing services to outback Australia. They do not sell stamps anymore which is a pity as perhaps they could get some extra revenue for “cinderella” and aviation collectors. I am wondering if they are doing anything to celebrate their 90th Anniversary this year? Do any of my readers know?

Best wishes   Michael



Wow, it  has been a month since I last wrote. Retirement is busy work  LOL.

Anyway I found this today while sorting some stamps.  I do hope you enjoy seeing it. Not that special really except it is imperf and that always adds interest I think.

SG MS 662 with two of the stamps from the issue of 4  (SG 660  top stamp, showing Charles Kingsford Smith and his Fokker F311a/3m, Southern Cross, and SG 661 below with Charles Ulm

Collectible and nice to have in an aviation collection I think, even if the date of use was 36 years after it was issued. Look carefully!  Just goes to show the value was in postage rather than a collection.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your stamps.




Hello,  I haven’t really had much to write about recently as I have not been doing anything with aerophilately.  But, I came across this stamp today and while I may have shown it before, years back  perhaps, it reminded me to write something.

I actually think this is a lovely stamp. Nostalgia eh!!!!   One of the 5 stamps issued in 2002 as part of the 50th Anniversary of Passenger Jet Aviation.  Lovely aircraft this, well it was back then in the 1970s when it was flying.  I cannot remember the flights without looking but I did fly on this actual plane,  G-ARPA, a few times, oh that was a long time ago🙂    It was a Trident 1 for those who are interested.

Enjoy your aerophilately



Hello, first, many thanks for all the entries to the competition about the Lockheed Vega.   entries from  various countries and a few different answers. I will be honest and say I thought I knew the answer until I read the entries. I thought it was Emelia Earhart but I have learned from my knowledgeable readers that it was in fact Wiley Post.  He flew the plane in 1931 from New York to Newfoundland and then across the Atlantic to a place in North Wales.  Emelia flew a solo flight the following year in May 1932.  So  congratulations to Garry from New Zealand.  Something will be in the mail Monday morning. Sorry others couldn’t also have won but thanks for reading the blog. I will do more competitions in the coming weeks.

Today I thought I would show another set from  Montserrat. These were issued in 1993 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force. 4 really impressive aircraft for their time. Hope you enjoy seeing these.

Best wishes   Enjoy your flying and your areophilately       Michael



Hello, Friday night, another week gone so fast. I hope you had a great week and found time for some stamps. Always a great way to relax I think.

Tonight another from Montserrat:  This is SG 654, issued as part of a set to commemorate the Royal (UK Royals that is) visit to the island in 1985. The stamp was originally issued in 1983 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of manned flight (not powered flight!)  and shows a Lockheed Vega V – it is overprinted with the Caribbean Royal Visit 1985 impression.

This is really quite a famous aircraft, as many readers might know.  Since I have not had a competition for a long time I thought this timely…  send me the answer;  who was the first person to fly this aircraft across the Atlantic?  and I’ll find a nice Montserrat stamp or stamps for you as a prize.  Please include your mailing address… no address no winner..    winner will be first correct answer ……My choice as I go through the stock I am currently loading to my Bidstart Store.

Have a great weekend..   Michael


Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this set, SG 519 – 522,  issued in 1981 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Montserrat Airmail Services.

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Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael