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Hello, been a while since I wrote. Sorry for being absent. So much happening and wish it were more philatelic. Such is life.

Anyway I thought I would share this with you if you have not seen it. Might be an opportunity to add something interesting to your aerophilatelic collection. It will be in mine (I hope), as my order already placed. I have an affiliation to Northolt as I lived nearby in my younger days and used to pass the airfield on a regular basis.

RAF Northolt – 100 years of Aviation History
One hundred years of service (95 as a military flying station), means that RAF Northolt, based in South Ruislip is a reflection of aviation history. Northolt pre-dates the establishment of the Royal Air Force by almost three years, having opened in May 1915. It has the longest history of continuous use of any RAF airfield. More recently it has become a multipurpose Tri-service base serving the growing needs of a modern Armed Forces.
To mark this historic centenary the British Forces Philatelic Bureau (site worth a visit I might add)  in conjunction with RAF Northolt, has produced a special commemorative cover.  The cover image uses the spoke from the station badge to depict the various units and activities that are now part of the base. This issue will include a limited edition of 500 flown covers, some of which will be signed by the Station Commander and Officer Commanding Operations Wing.
The covers may be purchased from the BFPS online shop  at
Trivia, did you know that in 1952 a total of 50,000 air movements were recorded, making the Northolt the busiest airfield in Europe? or, one of my favourites, that a Pan Am 707 landed there in 1960  – got the wrong airport  hahahah.
Good luck.  Michael

Hello and welcome to Friday. Just a short message. Hope you like the new Hong Kong stamps. Bit corny but it is Valentines day tomorrow. The theme Hong Kong Post use is “Heartwarming”, showing 6 different heart-shaped designs. You have to admire their creativity on the one with bread and fried egg! On top of the conventional four-colour lithography printing, an embossing effect is also employed to (as HK Post say) charmingly underline the “Heart” theme.

In addition, to address the changing needs of customers, Hong Kong Post launches a newly designed mini-pane with different sized, soft colour toned, heart motifs to echo the stamp design. I have not seen this yet but hope to find one in time.

I will be on a plane in the morning ( that is as close as I can get to something aviation related) and will not have internet access for 9 days. How will I cope I am wondering.

Also, next week is Chinese New Year so my best wishes to all and Happy New Year, Gong Hei Fat Choi, “May you have much joy and wealth!” and of course enjoyment of your philatelic / aerophilatelic  interests.



no one needs another pen, do they? of course they don’t, but a cddstamps pen now that is something special :-) any stamp order from my Bidstart Store at and you get one for free. :-) – valid until 14th February. My Valentines gift to you all :-) Cannot afford roses or free stamps :-) great selection of Australia, NZ, Canada, Rhodesia’s Great Britain, Fiji, and a few more British Commonwealth . Nice quality nice prices and fast service.

for airmail and aircraft related issues just type in search field Air and you will find related issues. Hope you find something to fill a gap or two in your collection

Best wishes Michael


Hi, today I decided it was time to have my first visit of the year to the Mong Kok stamp arcade here in Kowloon. And, I found this cover. I have not seen this one before. Hope you enjoy seeing it. Click image to enlarge then back arrow to return here.

As you can see it was issued in May 1999 to commemorate the opening of the second runway here at Hong Kong International Airport.

Will I be around to see another issue for the proposed third runway. I certainly hope so!

Best wishes.. Michael


Hello, about time I showed an aviation cover. Found this tonight and thought you might enjoy seeing it. Actually nothing special except it has a GVI stamp on it although it was mailed for QE II Coronation. Mailed for the return flight (which originally left the London on June 2nd I think).  Double click image to see larger image then click back arrow to return here.

Hope everyone well. I am going to have a philatelic weekend I think. Been a busy week and little time for stamps.

Have a great weekend…. Michael


Happy New Year everyone, I just realised I have not written for a while. Been a bit busy as always.

This cover, not actually an aerophilatelic cover, just an aviation view, so I think that qualifies, and anyway I write so I make my own rules :-), anyway, this cover because I was reading about the Qantas New Years Day flight to Antarctica. Seems it was very enjoyable for all on board. They would have seen this view from what I read. Assume you know the location.

This cover is one of three I have, cancelled Davis , the other two cancelled Casey and Mawson. Now since I think collecting stamps is more than just collecting stamps……… did you know……….

The main treaty was opened for signature on December 1, 1959, and officially entered into force on June 23, 1961. The original signatories were the 12 countries active in Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957–58. The twelve countries had significant interests in Antarctica at the time: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries had established over 50 Antarctic stations for the IGY. Davis, Casey and Mawson being three from Australia. The treaty was a diplomatic expression of the operational and scientific cooperation that had been achieved “on the ice”.

Hope you have a great 2015.

Best wishes.. Michael


Hello. Let me start by wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and festive season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. Sorry not written much lately. Been rather busy. All work no play!! In fact little time for stamps, but wit a quiet night tonight I thought I would show a cover I rather like and which I think has some interesting history. I hope you will enjoy.

The stamp features the Argentinian aviator Carola Elena Lorenzini. She was first an accomplished athlete but always wanted to fly and eventually she was accepted into the Aero Club Argentino in 1931. A big achievement for a woman back then of course.

She got her pilots license in 1933. She became the first woman to earn the title of a flight instructor in South America.

On March 31, 1935 she broke the female South American record for reaching a flying height of 5381m (18,000 feet) in an Ae C-3, a light utility aircraft built in Argentina in 1934.
In 1941 she was granted a license for commercial service.

Sadly, she died on November 23, 1941 in a plane crash while on a display at the aerodrome President Rivadavia. She had been invited to fly the famous aerobatic inverted loop, in which the pilot is fully inverted with feet up, flying close to the ground. It was an extreme test only dared by a few airmen. Unfortunately Lorenzini had a bad relationship with the civil aviation authorities: The leaders of the Argentine flying club made efforts to obtain a provisional authorization for her fly. In a tense atmosphere, she decided to undertake the dangerous display. She used a plane Focke Wulf Fw44, which was not the plane that routinely flew this maneuver and she did not train for the flight. During the flight, there were problems in the downturn, and the plane crashed, killing her.

This cover show a Focke-Wulf Fw 44, the plane in which she was attempting the flight. It was a 1930s German two-seat biplane known as the Stieglitz (“Goldfinch”). It was produced by the Focke-Wulf company as a pilot training and sport flying aircraft.

The stamp was issued in 2001 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary in 2002 of the National Library of Aeronautics which is located in the centre of Buenos Aires. The library contains more than 60,000 aeronautical books and journals

Now tell me stamp collecting is not interesting:-)

Have a wonderful Christmas. I expect to be back writing in the new year.




Hello, thinking of Canada tonight as I found this while looking through some covers. It is dated 1929 yet I cannot find any information about inaugural experimental air service flights around that date. I find 1927 but nothing for 1929.

Any readers know more? Have a few of these covers Montreal-Quebec and Quebec – St. John.

Be interested to hear from you if you can shed any light on the history of these flights.

And, the aircraft on the stamp is a Fairchild FC-2W. The stamp, was which was issued in 1928, is listed at £5 in my 2013 catalogue. The aircraft was a light, single-engine, high-wing utility monoplanes produced in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s and originally designed to provide a camera platform for Sherman Fairchild’s aerial photography and survey business. If you don’t know about him he is worth reading about I might add.

best wishes …. Michael


Hello, it’s been a while since I wrote, internet problems have not helped. Anyway I hope you like seeing this stamp. It is from the Chile 1934 issue, SG 238 I believe.

It shows a Fokker Super Universal. This plane was produced in the United States in the late 1920s, an enlarged and improved version of the Fokker Universal, fitted with cantilever wings and an enclosed cockpit. It was subsequently also manufactured under licence in Canada and Japan.

It was a conventional, high-wing cantilever monoplane with a fully enclosed flight deck and cabin and a fixed undercarriage. Improvements over its forerunner included an enclosed cockpit and a new wing that eliminated the requirement for struts, bringing it in line with the rest of Fokker’s designs.

Why it is on a stamp from Chile I have no idea as I can find no reference to it being used in Chile. Perhaps someone will know.

Enjoy your aviation stamps. Best wishes… Michael


I found it difficult to research this cover but I did find the following, which, while it does not mention this flight in particular does give some insight to the history of aviation back in the 1930s in the region.

The history of commercial aviation in the Philippines started in 1925. The first regular air services were launched in Iloilo (Central Philippines), said to be the birthplace of Filipino commercial air transportation. Jose Tinsay, an Ilongo aviator, was the first to fly the 43-kilometer Guimaras Strait between Iloilo and Bacolod.

In 1932, Don Eugenio H. Lopez, Sr., the sugar and shipping magnate, launched Iloilo-Negros Air Express Company (INAEC) which became the first Filipino-owned private airline in the Philippines with its operational base in Iloilo. INAEC’s first aircraft, a Stinson Tri-Motor, had its inaugural flight on February 1, 1933 from Iloilo to Manila. Regular air services between Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo and Cebu started within a year, and then expanded to Zambonga and Davao in another two years.

I can only assume from that report that this cover was carried on a Stinson Tri-Motor. And, that the flight to Negors was a non event given that I can find no reference to it. Perhaps that is what I find interesting about this cover.  The airline,(INAEC) eventually became part of what is today Philippine Airlines.

Also, hard to believe that the stamp, SG 451 issued in 1933 has a catalogue value of only £0.25. Still, it is a lovely cover to add to my aerophilately collection.

Best wishes.. Michael


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