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Hello, TGIF and 5 days off work now as we start the Chinese New Year Holiday here in Hong Kong. I will be flying to the Philippines tomorrow so thought this cover would be nice to show.

From 1977 as you can see, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pan Am’s first international flight.  Some trivia

To commemorate its 50th birthday, Pan Am organized a round-the-world flight San Francisco to San Francisco, over the North Pole and the South Pole with stops in London Heathrow, Cape Town and Auckland. 747SP-21 Clipper New Horizons was the former Liberty Bell, making the plane the only one to go around the globe over the equator and the poles. The flight made it in 54 hours, 7 minutes, and 12 seconds, creating six new world records certified by the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation).  The captain who commanded the flight also commanded the Liberty Bell Express flight

Have a great weekend and enjoy your flying and your aerophilately.



Hello, tonight a lovely stamp from Gibraltar showing a Sunderland flying boat. Actually it is a Short S.25 Sunderland. It was a British flying boat patrol bomber developed for the Royal Air Force.  Do you know how it got its name?    It was from the town of Sunderland in the northeast of England.

It was developed for military service from the S.23 Empire flying boat which was the flagship of Imperial Airways back in the 1930s. It was one of the most powerful and widely used flying boats throughout the Second World War.

The stamps is SG 407 from the 1978 Anniversary of the RAF issue. There are 5 stamps in the set which I will show over the coming week.

Enjoy your aviation and aerophilately





Hello, Friday night, TGIF,  and back to aerophilatelic material. I do hope you like this one.

The stamp was issued in 1965 and I believe was for the success of the plane at the Paris Air Show. The plane was first shown to the world at the Airshow.

It is a heavy military plane designed by the Antonov Design Bureau and powered by 4 turboprop engines, rather different in that they have contra rotating propellers. That means two propellers are arranged one behind the other, and power is transferred from the engine via a planetary gear.  These are different form counter rotating propellers  – propellers on shafts turning in opposite directions. I hope I got that correct.

This aircraft was the first Soviet wide-bodied aircraft and I think it is still the worlds’ largest turboprop powered aircraft

Not sure how the stamp got to be on an AUA 707 printed card in 1969! A first flight of something though.

Have a great weekend…    Michael


Hello and Happy Australia Day to everyone. You would think I could find something more aerophilatelic to celebrate this day but sadly most of my stock is packed.  So this MS which I hope you enjoy seeing.

It is MS 2049, issued in 2000 to commemorate Stamp Collecting Month and the Exploration of Mars. Some flight related images at least.

I hope you enjoy seeing it.

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Best wishes…



Hello, Friday night and time for some writing and stamps. I do hope you enjoy seeing this one. Nothing very special really but……

This 6d stamp was overprinted “AIR MAIL” in 1928 and was Malta’s first airmail stamp value.  Although first issued in 1928 direct flights from Malta did not commence until 1931 I believe.   If you want to see some covers with these stamps on, and covers used very early in the development of aviation from Malta I recommend have a browse here

Enjoy your aerophilately and have a great weekend    Michael to fill a few gaps in your collection at great prices.




Hello and welcome to cddstamps and 2016. I hope this is a great year for you and you enjoy cddstamps writing and your philatelic activities. And just a quick reminder, I hope you are able to fill a few gaps in your collection from the cddstamps store (click here for details – my many, many, many repeat customers are testament, I think, to me suggesting you have a look.

But to this cover which I hope you enjoy seeing. It was flown in 1929 on a de Havilland DH66 Hercules on the first commercial flight from the UK to India.  Well to Calcutta as per address and backstamp.

I have read that the journey involved four different aircraft and included 20 stops en route using multiple modes of transport. The route was London (Croydon)-Paris-Basle by Argosy (by air), Basle-Genoa (by train), Genoa-Rome (Ostia)-Naples-Corfu-Athens-Suda Bay (Crete)-Tobruk-Alexandria by Calcutta by  flying boat, a Short S.8 I think,  and  Alexandria-Gaza-Rutbah Wells-Baghdad-Basra-Bushire-Lingeh-Jask-Gwadar-Karachi.  Am confused myself so how the pilots worked it out is beyond me! The planned all-air route could not be operated as Italy would not allow British aircraft to enter Italy from France, and flying over the Alps then was not considered practical. The London-Karachi journey time was seven days and a single fare was £130.

I am happy to have anyone correct me or provide more details.

Best wishes for 2016



Hello, I am back from Christmas break. How sad. It was 35 degrees C where I was. The sun was beautiful, The swimming was so relaxing, The food was great and more. Now it is 15C and I am indoors and still cold, and even the sight of this awesome aircraft is not warming me up.

Rather nice cover I think you might agree.

One copy as a gift. What does TVOC stand for and where can you see XH558.

And,did you know that you cannot get into the cockpit because it is fitted with live ejection seats, canopy gun and booster cushions.

I was on an A330-300 two days ago and there was none of that, although the cushions were rather comfortable, at the front end of course!

Enjoy your flying and your flight covers.

Oh, and Happy New year to everyone






Hello, this will be my last post before Christmas. I will be away for a few days and back next week,

My best wishes to everyone, have a wonderful Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then just have a great holiday.

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Best wishes and Merry Christmas



Hello,my second Christmas present to myself. Hope you enjoy seeing this: from the inaugural flight of the northern round the world route

I wish I had more time to read the history.  Not tonight though.

FAM-18 was awarded to Pan Am with two routes east across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. The Southern route was via Horta Azores and Lisbon Portugal to Marseilles France while the Northern route was via Canada, Newfoundland, Foynes Ireland to Southampton England.

Both routes would later connect round-the-world. The Southern route was inaugurated on May 20, 1939 piloted by Arthur E LaPorte flying a Boeing 314 from New York to Marseilles France.

The Northern route followed on June 24, 1939 piloted by Harold Gray flying a Boeing 314 from New York to Southampton England.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all readers




Hello,  some of you know I like to treat myself at Christmas and here is one of my presents, from me to me!

This is a cover flown on the first return flight from Hong Kong via Penang to London in 1936. This, as you can see from the cachet, was the first through flight from Hong Kong to London. From Hong Kong Kai Tak  it was flown on an Imperial Airways,  DH-86  The RMA Dorado, under the command of Captain John H Lock  This followed from Imperial Airways starting their London Hong Kong route on 23rd March that year.

If this interests you I highly recommend reading

I like this cover – there are plenty of collector covers from this flight I believe – because it is the Imperial Airways souvenir cover and has a nice margin corner pair of SG 126.

Have a great weekend,  Best wishes…Michael


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