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Hello and welcome  back to cddstamps on aircraft and aerophilately.   Yes we have been away, plenty of flying. 8 flights, 42,000 km travelled and not a hiccup. How nice was that. And after nearly 4 years without that extent of long haul travel it all came back to us. Where to go, what to do and how to enjoy the champagne!!!

But back to reality and a new series. I have chosen Switzerland and will be showing stamps from 5 issues covering the period 1941 through 1947, showing not only aircraft but also some rather impressive scenery.

This is the first stamp which I hope you enjoy seeing.  Perhaps you have even skied there. Regarded as a winter paradise I believe. The aircraft is supposedly a Douglas DC2.

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Hello, something different. I hope you can see this clearly – perhaps click the image to enlarge.

A First Day of Issue cover form Hong Kong I found while sorting a few stamps today. Celebrating Aviation in Hong Kong from a 1984 issue.

Rather nice. It shows an Imperial Airways DH86A which was the aircraft that started international flights to Hong Kong back in 1936 from Penang.

Also a Pan Am S-42-B Clipper which started regular services to Manila in 1937.

A Cathay Pacific 747 in the old livery of course, and a Balloon in which the Baldwin Brothers made an ascent from Happy Valley in 1891.

Hope to hear from a reader for a next series or should I just do a few from Hong Kong? Yes that will do, and I know just the one to show tomorrow. Something you have never seen before! Read me tomorrow. You can email me at

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Hello, so here we are at Part 10.   Yes this will be last one in this series. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these stamps.   A rather different selection as there has not been a lot to talk about the aircraft but still somewhat educational perhaps, to learn a little about Cameroun.

These final few stamps come from a 1977  History of Aviation issue. So we have jumped 20 years basically.

I chose these two for the contrast, from the Sikorsky S 43 which I have shown and written about many times to the Concorde, which I have not written about once. Why you may well ask – another story.  What amazing progress in really what was a short span of years; 1935 for the Sikorsky to 1969 when Concorde completed its maiden flight.

Thank you once again to all my readers. Feel free to write and make suggestions. I enjoy hearing from you all.  

And yes, we need a theme for the next series. The last one before I finally get back on a plane, as am leaving for London in 7 days so a short next series for sure!

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Hello,   the weekend is nearly over, so only time for a quick show and tell tonight. 

This is one awesome stamp, especially if you like giraffes.  Oh, and an aircraft, although again we cannot really see what type it is.

So if I cannot talk about the aircraft, what about the giraffe.  Well I am glad you asked, because  this giraffe is the Kordofan giraffe and it is a species of giraffe found in northern Cameroun.

And  to think some say stamp collecting is boring. Never!!

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Hello,  let’s start  with something different today. This stamp showing a map of the country, just about and its location, well sort of, and position touching the Atlantic Ocean down there next to the capital Yaounde.

A little trivia: Portuguese explorers discovered the coast of Cameroun in the 15th century . They arrived in Douala which as a port city is often regarded as the economic capital, while nearby Yaounde is the national capital. Douala is at the end of the Wouri river which the Portuguese named the Rio dos Cameroes, meaning river of the prawn or shrimp because it was full of the creatures.  Apparently not so today.

Anyway, back to aircraft. Today another scenic image this time showing the Rhumsiki Peak, located in the far north of the country. The aircraft, well it is just an image and cannot be said to be any specific model. Can it? Well not that I am aware of!

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Hello,  another in this series, this from the 1949 Universal Philatelic Union issue.

It certainly captures the spirit and culture of Cameroun, at least I think so.  The Muslin influence in the north,  and European influences from Germany and with British and French influences as well as Portuguese I believe, and the local culture.  

After WW II the United Nations instituted a system leaving France and Britain in control of their respective regions, French Cameroun  and  British Cameroon.  Note the different spelling but not found commonly on stamps.

Just a digression, as the geo-political make up and history is rather complicated  I thought I would show  this  additional stamp –  from  1960. 

It shows the overprint U K T T ( United Kingdom Trust Territory), from an issue which was valid in Northern and Southern Cameroons until the separate French and British regions ended.

The aircraft is supposedly a Lockheed Constellation. I wrote a series on this aircraft last year sometime but cannot recall if I used this UPU stamp.

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Hello again.  Got a bit distracted the past few days and found no time to show this next stamp as promised.

This is the other stamp in the set I mentioned a few days ago. Rather impressive again I think.

Sadly I have no details on the engine but it just appeals don’t you think.  What the connection is between an aircraft engine and a tribesman and mask is anyones guess. Do any readers know more?

I have read that in Cameroun the masks, one tribe’s is known as the Bamileke masks, are made to honor the king and or important chiefs. The mask is regarded as an object of power and is displayed during important rituals and ceremonies, to commemorate and celebrate the royal ancestors of the present King. Perhaps the power of the aircraft engine is synonymous with that of the mask. Just my random thought.

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Hello, Today  showing  what I describe as a rather dramatic image showing cavalry and aircraft. The aircraft is a Dewoitine D-333 trimotor. Again a plane I think I have written about before.

It is one of a set of three issued in 1946 –  two of which have an aviation theme.  I will show the next stamp tomorrow. I do not know the reason for the issue. One of the things I have found about many of the stamps from Cameroun is a lack of reason for issuing detail. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place.

Anyway nice to see, I hope,  even if I am a but tongue tied tonight!!

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Hello  How is your Easter weekend?   Lots of Easter eggs maybe?   Just stamps here 😊

And Part III of Cameroun.  This time showing another aircraft,  as shown on one of the stamps from the 1946 issue.  It is a Latecoere 631 flying boat.  Just love the image but sadly not exactly a successful aircraft.  It was designed as a transatlantic flying boat, similar to the Latecoere 522  regular  readers may recall I wrote about in the Saint Pierre and Miquelon series back in October last year – was it that long ago!!  Anyway it was the largest aircraft ever built at the time – first flown in 1942 – Eleven aircraft were built but 4 were soon written off after various accidents and 1 was lost during WW II.

It was a 40 passenger aircraft with a range of 4000 kilometers,  powered by 6  engines.  Looking at the stamp image I am not so sure the engraver really got that feature across. 

And finally talking aircraft type, I  mentioned I did not know the aircraft type on the previous stamp I showed.    Commenting it might be an Ilyushin Il-12 did get a response from one of my very knowledgeable aviation friends  and I am happy to say I still do not know what the type is, just that it is not an Il-12 😊

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Happy Easter everyone.  Don’t eat too many chocolate eggs and don’t get the chocolate on your stamps.  One thing I don’t have to worry about is too many Easter eggs – they don’t sell them  here that I have ever seen.  Perhaps in Manila but not in this provincial town.

So tonight’s stamps is another from the early issue and this one is simple and reminds me of the local beaches here.  Empty and with just palm trees.

As for the aircraft, I have no specific details but it looks like an Ilyushin IL-12,  what do you think?

As for the beach, well  I don’t know about Cameroun beaches but I have found out they have some.  And the engraver is the famous  Frenchman Gabriel-Antoine (Dumas) Barlangue.

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