Hello again, picking up on the Central African Airways theme I mentioned in yesterdays post here is a CAA  Viscount 700 series  from a 1966 Rhodesia issue to commemorate CAA’s 20th Anniversary.

A must have issue in my view for any aviation collection.

This plane first flew on 5th May 1956 at the assembly plant in Hurn UK and was withdrawn from service in 1985.  During those years it was also owned and/or operated by Kuwait Airways, Aden Airways, Air Malawi, Air Rhodesia, Zambia Airways and Air Zimbabwe. There is a very interesting history  of the plane at the Vickers Viscount Network website, which I recommend reading if you have a few minutes. You will certainly enjoy the story about the swarm of bees found in a wing soon after it arrived in Salisbury on its delivery flight.

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Tonight this colourful stamp from Malawi showing an Air Malawi Viscount 700 series. This from a set of 4 aircraft on stamps from 1972.

This plane is in full Air Malawi livery but not all the Viscounts they operated were. I believe some were owned by Central African Airways and the planes had removable name plates on both sides of the tail so they could be used by Air Malawi or Air Rhodesia or Zambia Airways as suited the operating schedule of the day.

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Hello, Here is a Viscount on this 1959 stamp from Turkey celebrating Industry and Technology. The plane is a 700 series but after reading yesterdays piece I am sure you knew that. It is a classic design in my view, certainly different from the average aircraft on stamp design we are so used to seeing and one I rather like.

The Turkish airline was THY Turk Hava Yollari – they operated Viscounts until 1971 when they were replaced by DC-9s. The final three aircraft were transferred to the air force which stopped using them in 1993.

A sad history is associated with one of their Viscounts in early 1959. One crashed approaching London Gatwick with some loss of life – the plane was carrying the Turkish Prime Minister, Adnan Menderes who survived, to a meeting with the British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan and the Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanis to sign the London Agreement of the Cyprus issue.

One piece of trivia, 45 million were issued of this stamp.

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Hello,  Today, Saudi Arabia. They issued rather a lot of stamps with aircraft on them in the 1960s including 15 showing a Viscount 800 series plane.

This image does not show very well that the plane is an 800 series.  This was the extended length version of the 700 series.  As a generalization, there were many version of both series,  and with a better image it is possible to see that – as a rule of thumb –  there are 10 windows on the 700 series and 13 on the 800 series, with the most notable feature being two extra windows in front of the turbo props.

Have a look at two past posts. In the Jersey stamps for example, you will see the Viscount on the 47p value stamp is clearly a 700 series plane, and the Viscount on the Gibraltar stamp in the previous post to the Jersey post is an 800 series plane.

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Hello, just the stamp tonight…….. too many other things going on, It is a Viscount 702 from BWIA. I rather like this one; from a set of 4 stamps from 1990 for the 50th Anniversary of BWIA.

Hello, well the weekend starts here, for me at least. Just this one tonight from Kuwait a Viscount 700 from Kuwait Airways

From a 1961 issue of 18 stamps with two values showing this image. Perhaps interesting …….the airline also operated BAC111s and Comets (my two previous aircraft on stamp topics) but as far as I know did not show them on stamps. I wonder why the Viscount made it? and the other two did not.

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Hello, three for the price of one tonight – the first to show this British United Viscount found as one of 6 aircraft on the Jersey 2009 issue – the 10th in the series on Jersey Aviation History.

There was also a Viscount shown on the 2003 issue – the 8th in the aviation history series,

And one final one – this was on the 1987 issue what was the 3rd in the series of Jersey aviation history.

Three stamps, three airlines. Jersey does like it’s aviation history!

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Hello, here I am, back and with internet connectivity, and power. Exciting typhoon as well. Tonight an Icelandair Viscount 700. I thought I might research this one as the tail is quite easy to see but with no success. I often wonder why a particular aircraft was shown on a stamp. Maybe a reader will have better luck than me.

Icelandair operated two Viscounts from around 1957 to about 1970. This stamp along with one other was issued to commemorate the 40th anniversary if Iceland civil aviation. Beautiful engraving and design I think.

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Hello, Looking for one thing today I found something else (see further on) and that helped me decide to show this Viscount on a stamp from the Philippines. A poor image, but best I can get. It shows the aircraft being operated by Philippine Air Lines Today we know them as PAL – Philippine Airlines, or as shown on their current aircraft just, Philippines.

Back in the late 1950s they operated 4 Viscount 784 series aircraft on internal routes and to Hong Kong. Maybe elsewhere but my knowledge is sadly lacking. This stamp is from the 1986 45th anniversary of Philippine Airlines issue. Did you know that PAL was the first commercial airline to operate in the Asia pacific region.

Anyway, below is what I found while looking through some stamps earlier today. A plain but still collectible first flight envelope from 1958, back-stamped on arrival in Cebu, and yes, the aircraft on the inaugural flight was a Viscount.

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Hello, sorry am a bit rushed tonight, been a busy day so just this Viscount from Gibraltar from the 1982 aircraft issue. This is a Viscount 800 from Gibair, remember them 🙂 reinvented but still around.

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