Hello,  another weekend  disappeared so fast.  I found this on the desk today.  Just had to show it –   for aviation collectors and general collectors……     do you know what  struck me….   200 years of manned flight.        perhaps naively I only think of the past 100 years but in 1783 on 19 October, the Montgolfier brothers launched the first manned flight, a tethered balloon with 3 people on board, at the Folie Titon in Paris.   Tirhis is overprinted SPECIMEN. No idea how I came by it.  Anyone know a  cat value? This was SG MS 133 from the 1982 Bicentenary of manned flight issue. 

 Have a lovely week.  Monday tomorrow.. stay safe.  Michael cddstamps.com

Hello, another weekend and look what I found. Nothing terribly exciting maybe……. I dropped a pen on the floor; bent down to pick it up under my desk and there was this stamp.

I was packing some free stamps from my Children’s Corner box yesterday and this must have dropped out. A few short perfs so it doesn’t qualify for listing in my shop. It is SG 1743 (Scott 1174) from the 1975 Industry and Technology issue. I thought it might be nice to show.

Have a great philatelic weekend stay safe Michael cddstamps.com

Hello and Happy New Year, Last year I told myself I was going to sort out my covers for the A380 and other first flights I few. That didn’t happen but today I was sorting some envelopes and I found a few I had put aside – for what reason I cannot remember.

So now I am going to start showing these. I am also going to start listing many of the covers in the online store, I always planned to list for sale but never got around to. These are all genuine – not like so many of the made up pretend cards and things you can find on that what’s it name site.

We have very few A380s flying today of course, and little to no hope there will ever be any new airlines taking delivery and starting new services, so I thought these might prove of interest to some of you. Any special requests just write to me.

Enjoy you aerophilately as you wont be doing any flying for a while yet me thinks 🙂

Michael cddstamps.com and here in our online store.

Happy New year to all our customers and readers. We hope this will be a  happy, healthy and  rewarding philatelic year for everyone.

We wont be flying, that is for sure, at least I do not expect so until way into 3rd maybe 4th quarter, but we will still try to bring you interesting aerophilatelic writings and stamp images.

Also, we look forward to welcoming you into our cddstamps store    Visit this link.  where we do have plenty of aviation related stamps in our 38,000 listings from 40 GB and British Commonwealth countries.

We now have 20,700 feedbacks from our wonderful customers.  I encourage you to read some – I think you will see why we have over 50% of orders from repeat customers.

We look forward to welcoming you into the store. Stay Safe and enjoy your stamp collecting.

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Hello,  How was Christmas?     New Year celebrations next.  All so much to enjoy and little time for stamps.   We are certainly not flying this year!

The Fiji stamps appeared again from under a few papers so I thought I would show one more from this lovely set.   This is the 2d value showing a Simmonds Spartan seaplane.    However, it was not originally built as a seaplane. It was a 1920s British built two-seat biplane trainer/tourer aircraft. I don’t know about you but back then this plane was built with wood.  Wood, Water  seaplane.   Hmmm….  yes I know many others were wooden construction  –  just teasing here.     Anyway, 3 were converted with metal floats and used in Fiji.  This particular plane is regarded as the first aircraft for what was the first Fiji Airlines.  Legend has it that at the start of the 1930s, a ships captain turned aviator, Gordon Fenton, had a British-built Simmonds Spartan biplane shipped to Fiji by sea.

Its assembly was haphazard and apparently at first the wings were put on back-to-front.

It took Fleming some time to work out why it was having trouble getting airborne.

A friend checked the assembly instructions, worked out the mistake, and Captain Fenton was off and flying.

He would fly the 180 kilometers between the capital Suva in the southeast and Lautoka in the west in one hour and 35 minutes.

Local businessmen were impressed and began using Captain Fenton regularly.

He reckoned he was on a gold mine. He set up the first Fiji Airways in 1933, but fell victim to the Great Depression and the airline soon folded.

If this plane interests you I highly recommend reading this web site – http://wight.hampshireairfields.co.uk/sim.html

Enjoy your aerophilately and please visit the shop  and search on aircraft.  In 2021 we are going to be listing a lot of aviation related  and first flight covers (so I am told)

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Hello   I hope you like this stamp. It was issued in 1968 to commemorate the anniversary of Kingsford Smith’s Pacific flight via Fiji.   It shows a Lockheed 8D Altair reg VH-USB and named the Lady Southern Cross.

This is from a set of 4  and while it is impossible to say  one set of aviation stamps is  better than another this has to be one of my favourite aviation sets

Some trivia :  The aircraft, the Lady Southern Cross, was the plane Kingsford Smith made the first eastward trans-Pacific flight from Australia to the United States in, in October and November of 1934.   There is so much interesting history associated with the plane and his flight and so much to read, but just one more piece of trivia;  The aircraft was delivered by ship to Sydney in July 1934, bearing Kingsford Smith’s requested blue livery and the name “ANZAC”. However, before it could be flown in Australia, the Government objected to the commercial use of ANZAC and so Kingsford Smith was forced to remove it.  Dare I say more 🙂  Anyway, a lovely stamp and amazing aviation history.

enjoy your aerophilately have a great weekend Michael cddstamps.com

Just one of those days sorting and look what I found. I was in HK at the time I picked up a few of these. A beautiful miniature sheet. The left stamp shows an image of the 1910 Farman bi-plane which was the first plane to fly in Hong Kong in 1911. The plane was called ‘Spirit of Sha Tin’ and a replica of it is in the main terminal at HKIA. Going to be a while until we can fly back there I guess.

Stay safe everyone. Michael cddstamps

Hello, Back to aviation on stamps. Hope you like this stamp.

This from a 1985 stamp showing Franjo Kluz who had the unusual distinction of being ‘an officer and a gentleman’ in the British Royal Air Force at the same time as being a member, and  ultimately a national hero, of the Yugoslavia Communist Party.

Have philatelic weekend. and PS have you had a look at the book yet. see previous blog entries. Might make a nice Christmas present 🙂

97 – great man, great achievements great memories

Hello, How is everyone in these corona virus time? We are in another lockdown. Driving me mad to be honest. Thankfully I have stamps to keep me sane.

How about this new stamp I bought the other day. Been looking for one for ages and finally was awake when the auction took place. It was listed as Broken strut, SG 716h but to be perfectly honest with you I don’t think it actually is. It is a flaw of sorts maybe? It was cheap so I thought I’d try. It has not yet arrived in the mail. This image is from the listing. Lets see what I actually get. There are many flaws with this issue so I thought for something new I would try collecting them as a specialty. Better than keeping collecting GB and hundreds of worthless new commemoratives eh!!!!!! – I actually stopped collecting new GB over 10 years ago now. Saved myself a fortune!!!!!

What else, well this is exciting I think. Did I tell  you about the book I was writing,  mostly based on recent articles from my cdstamps.blogspot.com site on general philatelic topics? Well, it is published. 🙂

You can buy it as an ebook here    very reasonable price I think.

Oh and while the cost seems high (these are not my costs they are Blurb based costs (I am only trying to recover costs) you can get a lovely Softcopy here.   

Why not treat yourself for Christmas. I really think you will enjoy reading this. Or as a present for a friend. Lots to learn maybe for the collector, and even the seller.

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