Just one from a set of 10 issued in 1960. Each with a slightly different image but three different planes used across the 10 stamps – a Martin 2-0-2, a Martin 4-0-4 as on this stamp and a DC6B.

This was an aircraft built by the Glenn L Martin company. The plane was mostly used by a few US airline back in the 1950s as well as the US Coast Guard and Navy.

I have not tried very hard to research this one but from a quick read I cannot find any reference to it being operated in Chile. Anyone know anything to improve my knowledge.

One rather unique feature at the time, I think the first aircraft along with its predecessor the Martin 2-0-2 was that it had an airstair at the rear of the aircraft (in the lower tail section) for passenger boarding and disembarkation.

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Hello,      I found another Dragon Rapide  this time on an issue from Alderney.    Another plane that  had an unfortunate ending – although this time with no loss of life.

The plane had a few owners from Scottish Airways in 1946, BEA in 1947 and then around 1956 it was based in Jersey and it would seem still with BEA as the owner.  In 1959 it overshot the runway on landing at St Just in Cornwall on a flight from the Scilly Isles I believe. It hit a hedge and was damaged beyond repair.  Another image of the plane and some technical details can be found here.

I cannot find anything remarkable or significant about why this plane would be on the stamp issue. Anyone have any ideas? write to me at cddstamps@gmail.com

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One more from the 1973 50th Anniversary of Air Services issue. This is of course a Viscount and one many of us remember fondly. 

This again had me wondering why it was shown on a Guernsey commemorative stamp. I can find no reference to it being used with a strong Guernsey connection.  Yes Jersey and Yes Channel Islands but nothing specifically for Guernsey.

The aircraft entered service with BEA in 1957 I think and had a remarkable operating life in many respects,   being owned  by or operated by  BEA / British Airways (BA), British Air Ferries (BAF), Air Algerie, BAF Air Tours, Loganair, Manx Airlines, British World Airlines (BWA), Airwing 2000 Ltd and Interflight

As far as I can tell it was last in service around 2001, a good service life, which if you are interested you will  described in detail here.

The catalogue notes the plane’s name to be the “Annie Marie”.  That was one of many names it carried.  When the plane was first delivered to BEA in 1957 it had the name, the R M A  Robert Machin  

Now how interesting is that for a stamp collector!

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Hello, one more from the 1973 50th Anniversary of Air Services issue form Guernsey. This aircraft a Douglas DC3 Dakota tail G-AHCW was tragically lost in a mid air collision in 1944. The plane was on a domestic flight operated by BEA from Northolt (London) to Renfrew (Glasgow).

It collided with an RAF Avro Anson at 4500 feet. The Avro had taken off from Middleton on a training flight. As far as is known neither aircraft took any apparent avoiding action and it was concluded that the pilot of the Anson did not see the Dakota and that the pilots of the Dakota did not see the Anson. 

And I am still not sure why it is shown in this issue unless to remember the lives lost.

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This from the 1973 50th anniversary of Air Service issue.

The de Havilland Rapide was a 1930s short-haul biplane developed and produced by British aircraft company de Havilland.   It carried 6 to 8 passengers and was an economical and durable plane.

The construction was basically of plywood.  Quite amazing when we think back. 

Now this is the part that always interests me.   Why this plane with this tail number on this stamp?

This is the history – as best I can find – of  G-AGSH.   Nowhere do I read about Guernsey.   I did find reference to the plane with Alderney Airlines livery.

This plane was built as a Dominie (RAF term for the plane used during the war) and was “civilianized and first registered to Channel Island Airways Ltd of Jersey in July 1945.  The plane had a few owners including BEA who owned her twice, naming the plane James Keir Hardie (interesting choice and perhaps another story to research there – he was the founder of the Scottish (Independent) Labour party in 1893),  and then the Lord Baden Powell.  So much more if you do the google searches.

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Welcome to the weekend. I love surprises and today I found this while sorting a box of Channel Island stamps and covers. How it got there I have no idea. But finally it is back where it belongs, with my aviation covers.

I hope you like this one. Strikes me as interesting because of the aircraft, a Dorneir Do-24TT. Why would it be on a Philippines commemorative stamp for 100 years of aviation?

The basic model of the aircraft was designed for the Netherland Royal Navy. It was a 1930’s German designed and built aircraft with some built in the Netherlands as far as I know. The TT version was in fact a one off converted aircraft modified with three Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-45 turboprop engines. It was used on a worldwide tour in 2004 to promote and generate support for the United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF) programs on child education, protection and awareness, and to promote the Philippines as an ideal tourist destination.

That I guess is where the link to the Philippines comes in. Any readers who know more I would be pleased to hear from you

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Hello, The weekend starts here. Someone posted an image of this stamp (this is my copy) on Twitter and I thought it was worthy of a bit more information as it is a pretty cool stamp commemorating a memorable achievement.

So this piece for the weekend – and from a website I think is worth a read if you are interested in round the world flights. A good thematic topic. Not just aircraft / aviation, but round the world flights,

On November 12, 1966 JAL began a DC8 service from Tokyo to New York. Then on March 6, 1967 the first west bound DC-8 round-the-world flight departed Tokyo International Airport.  A day later another DC-8 departed completing the round-the-world route in an easterly direction. JAL issued a Souvenir Booklet of flown covers for select passengers traveling round-the-world.  

Anyone have a or seen a copy of that Booklet? – it is one I cannot find

Have a lovely weekend – even if we are stuck at home and not flying!


Hello, I hope this finds everyone well and you enjoy seeing this stamp.

One of two stamps issued by Norfolk Island in 1968 to commemorate the 21st Anniversary of Qantas flights between Sydney and Norfolk Island.  The  first fight in 1947 was actually a survey flight and was flown by a Lancastrian, thus the image of the plane on the stamp. The 21st anniversary flight was flown by a DC4 and in fact there were two flights to commemorate the anniversary, one flight in each direction. Plenty of collectible covers to enhance any aviation collection.

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Tonight a rather nice stamp from the 1992  issue from Cambodia showing a Canadair CL-215

I was sorting though another box of stamps today and found an unopened  packet of aviation stamps  bought in Thailand.   I cannot remember buying them but nice to find.

The  Canadair CL-215 was the first model in a series of flying boat amphibious aircraft designed and built by Canadian aircraft manufacturer Canadair, and later produced by Bombardier.

It is one of only a handful of large amphibious aircraft to have been produced in large numbers during the post-war era, and the first to be developed from the onset as a water bomber.

So why it is on a stamp from Cambodia? I have no idea. Can anyone help on that one.  Most of the aircraft in operation have been in Canada the USA, and then a few other European countries.

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Hello, welcome to the blog. If you are new I hope you enjoy some aircraft and aerophilatelic “stuff”

Tonights plane Nice perspective I think.

Anyone know what it is — without looking it up. 🙂 Nice plane back in its day.

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