Hello, here is a lovely stamp. One of a set of 4 issued in 1994 to commemorate  aviation pioneers. I found this while looking through a box of odds and ends.  No idea what happened to the other three.

This one shows Freda Thompson who became known largely because she was the first Australian woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

Quite an amazing  aviator. She made her first flight nearly 90 years ago on 28 May 1930. She obtained  her ‘A’ Licence later that year and in 1932  her ‘B’ Commercial Pilot licence, She was the fifth woman in Australia to hold that license.   She qualified as a flying instructor in 1933 and was reported as the first woman in the British Empire to obtain an instructors licence.

In April 1934 she sailed for England to collect a new de Havilland Moth, which she named Christopher Robin. It had been fitted with long range fuel tanks for the journey to Australia.  She had accumulated over 250 hours of flying experience by that time. On 28 September 1934 and flying solo she left Lympne in Kent for the journey to Australia.  The trip took 39 days with the actual flying time being 19 days because she damaged her plane G-ACUC (VH-UUC) when she made a precautionary landing at Megara in Greece and had to wait for spare parts to repair the wing before flying on to Australia. She arrived in Darwin on 6 November, and at Mascot, Sydney on 20 November 1934. She died in the UK in 1980.


One more from that Belize issue. this is the Bristol Beaufort bomber. It was primarily a  submarine / torpedo bomber. Sad history though, it flew more hours in training than on operational missions and more were lost through accidents and mechanical failures than were lost to enemy fire.

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Tonight, here is a stamp I found in a set from Belize. This is of course is a Wellington. Amazing aircraft in my view, and I think I may have said this before, especially when you are standing close to one when it is starting up. Just me having nostalgic memories or an airshow at Temora in NSW Australia.

Anyway this is from the 1990 Belize issue to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. I could write pages more but perhaps this is enough.

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Hello, Hope you like seeing this stamp.   So many memories of this aircraft. Sometimes nostalgia just takes over… saw this and remembered fondly, many years back at BEA / British Airways.  Won’t bore you with details of it  I am sure you  have the memories as well.  Stamps are so much more than just pieces of paper

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Hello and Happy New Year. I am embarrassed to say I have not posted for 3 months.  You know when you get busy ……….. some things just drop by the wayside. This blog  has been one. However  I want  2020 to be a new beginning so I hope you like this cover.


It is an unopened envelope – dated for First Flight on 20th Nov 1957 which did not happen  and there is the new postal cancel date added to the cover.  It is a First Flight Cover for the Round the World Flight on the Super Constellation – Southern Aurora VH-EAO – Sydney via USA – London – Sudney and  Back-stamped – Sydney on return – AAMC 1386  from the 2008 edition  shows that 37, 847 covers were carried.

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I was randomly looking for an A350 on a stamp image  when I came across this MS.  Surely an illegal printing I would think?   Look carefully.  Perhaps the bottom right stamp makes it a  must have  thematic collectible, as the people producing these are also pretty dumb. They probably have a sheet the same for the 787!   Michael


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Hello,   here is a rather interesting stamp.  Good to see some design in this issue not like most modern aviation stamps which seem to be just photographs.  Issued  in 1961 to commemorate the  Silver Jubilee ( 50th Anniversary) of Air Lingus. It shows a de Haviland DH.84 Dragon Mk 2 and a Boeing 720.

The Dragon is to remember the first flight on 27 May 1936, five days after being registered as an airline.  Air Lingus operated between Dublin and Bristol in the UK using a six-seater DH.84 Dragon  biplane  with the registration  EI-ABI. The aircraft was named Iolar (Eagle).

The Boeing 720 is to remember the airline  getting its first jet aircraft in December 1960. These were used on the New York and Boston services.

Interesting history over the years and now of course it is part of the IAG group with British Airways and Iberia, but that is another story, away from philately!

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Here is a stamp that might interest you. I often say how we can learn so much from stamps. Well this one is no exception because it shows remarkable man and  was issued to support the Douglas Bader Foundation. You can read more if interested.  A worthwhile Foundation I will add.

What is remarkable, well one of many aspects of his life that is remarkable, is that after he lost both legs in a flying accident in 1931 and was close to dying because of his injuries he had the drive to recover and in fact he returned to flying in WWII with the RAF. If that was not enough he was shot down in 1941 and had to bale out of his aircraft, he was captured and eventually spent some time in Colditz, the prisoner of war camp.

He left the RAF in 1946  but continued to fly until 1979.   Really quite an amazing man.

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Hello, I was sorting some stamps today – yes it is still raining! – and saw this one.   It is one of a set of three issued in 2011 to commemorate 100 year of aviation in Malaysia. It is reported and documented to show an Antoinette VII monoplane  in which the countries first flight was flown by pilot G P Fuller.  Well! do you believe everything you read?

What makes this stamp sort of interesting is that what I wrote above is all wrong. The actual plane on the stamp is a Bleriot XI and the pilot was a Dutchman, Giisbertus Peter Kuller.  GP Fuller was an Englishman I believe.   Sometimes the news reported is wrong.  Well I never would have thought that!!

Enjoy your philately and aviation   Michael cddstamps.com