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Hello,  I have to show this one. I just found it in an envelope from a purchase a few years back.  One the  things I am doing  while sort of semi locked down due corona virus is going though untouched boxes of stamps and ” stuff”  I was obviously having a nostalgia moment when I bought this  –  with the others in the set I might add.  And, now another.    Loved that aircraft.   Fun to fly. and then it was a freighter.     Memories eh!!!

Only one thing missing from this image is the designer did not show a tail number.  So the stamps is incomplete in my  view.  What do you think?

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Just one stamp I  have  just listed in the online store. I was sorting more Rhodesia today and came across this one     From the 1995 issue  commemorating the discovery of Victoria Fall.    It shows a  de Havilland Comet.   If you come across this stamp look  carefully as there is a variety with what is called a wing flaw –   a small black line on the top of the wing.   This  copy  MNH is catalogued at £1    the  flaw is £24.  Worth knowing about and looking out for.

Enjoy your aviation – what is left of it these days 😦    and your aerophilately   Plenty of that to keep us going I hope.

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Hello and welcome to cddstamps. I wonder if anyone follows me on Twitter? I am cddstamps there; #cddstamps.

This past week I have been writing short pieces with stamps for letters of the alphabet. Very interesting what we can learn from stamps. If you have time please follow me I will try to post short snippets there frequently rather than the longer texts I try to post here.

Anyway here are a few of the stamps I used this past week, showing again because I found the reading I did about the individuals to be extremely interesting. At the top is the Wright brothers. How could I not choose them for the letter W . I think everyone knows  about them although I always find reading  more about them to be a pleasant way to spend some time.  Perhaps you have not see this stamp / miniature sheet before.

As you can read this next stamp shows  Chuck Yeager.  Again I think we all know lots about him. A remarkable  man and did you know  he is now 97 years old.   Again a stamp you may not have seen before.


and finally I thought I better add one from Australia. Charles Ulm of course for the letter U,  known for setting the speed record from England to Australia in 6 days 17 hours and 56 minutes and of course his flying with Kingsford Smith.   I am thinking that is probably faster than we can do it today    given the impact of  the corona virus, the grounding / retirement of the Qantas A380 and 747 fleets and the same for many other airlines.



Anyway,  lets think of stamps and aviation and be happy. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your stamps and please stay safe in these corona virus times.

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Hello,  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and finding time for stamps.
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I am enjoying posting some stamps for each letter  as started by another collector.
Do have a look.  Stamps are so educational.
This was one for today letter T … for Lord Arthur Tedder  a very accomplished  aviator, a senior RAF commander, a pilot and squadron commander in WW I and Air Officer Commanding RAF Middle East Command in WW II
Have a  great weekend   Michael cddstamps.  and  please if you have time visit our store at hipstamp.com/store/cddstamps    browse around and enjoy our stamps.


Hello,   something different, no plan  but this  very interesting person shown on this stamp. He is Wilhelm Kress (1836–1913) an aviation pioneer and an early aircraft designer.

A fascinating person to read about. I wont repeat what you can easily read on the web but in a few words, in 1900 he developed the control stick for aircraft and also in 1901 what I believe was a first seaplane type aircraft, a plane “constructed for water takeoff” which achieve a few “hops” I read.

I recommend reading this  very interesting and extremely well presented website – http://www.flyingmachines.org/

Have a great weekend  Michael  cddstamps.com


Hello,    again from  Gibraltar and while only a Viscount (but still a great aircraft in my humble view)   I thought it is interesting because of the Hunting Clan decal.

Hunting-Clan Air Transport was a wholly private, British  independent airline that was founded in the immediate post WW II period.

It began trading on 1 January 1946 as Hunting Air Travel Ltd. It was a subsidiary of the Hunting Group of companies, which had come from the Shipping industry and could trace its history back to the 19th century.

The newly formed airline’s first operating base was at Bovingdon airport   in souitheast England.  Its main activities were contract, scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international air services that were initially operated with Dakota and Vickers Viking aircraft from the company’s Bovingdon base.

A change of name to Hunting Air Transport occurred in 1951. By that time, the airline had emerged as one of the healthiest and most securely financed independent airlines in Britain.

Hunting-Clan’s operations included all economy services to Eats, Central, Southern and west Africa, as well as similar operations to Gibraltar, thus the connection to this Gibraltar issue.

In October 1953, the firm’s name changed to Hunting-Clan Air Transport, as a result of an agreement between the Hunting Group and the Clan Line group of companies to invest £500,000 each in a new company named Hunting-Clan Air Holdings Ltd.

In 1960, Hunting-Clan Air Transport merged with the Airwork group to form British United Airways (BUA).

Enjoy  your stamps and aerophilately.  Michael  cddstamps.com



Hello, I have shown this plane a few times I am sure but perhaps not on this stamp. It is of course a Short S 25 Sunderland flying boat.   Issued in 1978 for the 60th Anniversary of the RAF. I tried to research the actual aircraft but with no luck.   Does any reader know any more details about the aircraft shown on the stamp?

Have a lovely  weekend   stay safe.  Michael  cddstamps.com




Hello,     How is everyone?  well I hope.  Just a  quick post tonight. Been adding new stock to the online store.   This  was one .      Hope you enjoy seeing it.    Guernsey SG 862 from the 2000 Battle of Britain issue.

Have a lovely day    Michael


Hello,  I hope you are all well and safe from the corona virus.    Stamps is such a lovely way to spend time and we can  be secure knowing we are  abiding by social distancing guidelines 🙂

Anyway this  miniature sheet is one I found by chance today. Hope you like it.     As you can see it is from 1993.  It is SG MS 373. Rather nice in mint never hinged condition.    Some  great aircraft.

Have a lovely weekend,  and hey,  pop into the store  and say hello,  perhaps you will find something to add to your collection 🙂

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