Hello, it is the weekend,  Friday evening here, so I am making time for another stamp from Poland.  This one is from a set of 8 issued in 1943 and shows a Wellington with a memory of the Polish Airforce in the Battle of the Atlantic.  The Battle of the Atlantic was a WW II battle between the Western Allies and the Axis powers, notably Germany,  for control of the Atlantic sea routes. 

The Wellington was a long range bomber used by some of the Polish Air Force Bomber Squadrons who were formed as part of the RAF during WW II.

Very dramatic image I think.    I don’t know anything about the Battle itself so just this one piece of aircraft / Polish trivia – During the May 1942 bombing raid on Cologne, 599 out of 1,046 RAF aircraft dispatched were Wellingtons; of these,101 were flown by Polish aircrew.

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