Hello, Yes, part 9. I hope you have been enjoying these stamps from Poland. I certainly have, not only for the design, engraving and images but also the history I am reading.  So a few more. Two tonight and one or two more over the weekend.

These are two semi postal stamps from the 1952 Aviation Day issue – there was a 3rd stamp which was a regular issue but  just these two showed the aircraft you see.  While looking for some trivia about these I found a blog – written back in 2016 which I want to tell you about because the author talks about these stamps.   So no repeating from me, other than to say great blog article. https://slaniacrazy.blogspot.com/2016/02/poland-1952-aviation-day.html and a brilliant blog, especially if you  enjoy as I do the design work and engravings of Czeslaw Slania.

My trivia question here is this: SG describes the aircraft as being a Yak 18 – A  soviet trainer also used as a bomber while  the blog shown above  says it is a Zuch 2, a  Polish aerobatic and trainer aircraft. The two aircraft look very much alike. Anyone know more?

This is the other semi postal stamp and this is definitely a glider. 

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