Hello,  One stamp this weekend that I hope you enjoy seeing.  Issued in 1978 it is actually the 1974 issue with a value surcharge.

The 1974 issue was issued by Bhutan to commemorate the Centenary of the Universal Postal Union.  It shows the Concorde and a Vickers FB-27 Vimy.

The Vimy was a British heavy bomber aircraft developed and manufactured by Vickers Limited during the latter stages of the First world War. Only a few aircraft entered service by the time of the Armistice in November 1918.

The Vimy achieved success as both a military and civil aircraft. A transport derivative of the Vimy, the Vickers Venon, became the first dedicated troop transport aircraft to be operated by the RAF.

During the interwar years the Vimy set several notable records for long-distance flights; perhaps the most celebrated and significant of these was the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic. This was flown by John Alcock and Arthur Brown in June 1919. Other record-breaking flights were flown from the UK to destinations such as south Africa and Australia.

Enjoy your aerophilately and have a great weekend   Michael……



Hello, I recently spent a lovely time in Kota Kinabalu, Malayasia on the island of Borneo, and one day while wandering around the hotel I stopped in the tourist shop and found this. Rather a surprise. Couldn’t resist it.  A little bit of toning on the bottom of the envelope but it is nearly 29 years old after all and given the humidity over there I think it is still a cover worth having.  It even has the publicity brochure inside and that is in spotless condition.

Great plane, great airline in my view having flown them quite a bit over the years, and a nice piece of nostalgia with the cover.

Enjoy your aerophilately   Michael





Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp tonight. It was issued in 1976 to commemorate the inaugural Avianca 747 flight. Avianca is the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia. It is reported as being the first Latin America airline to operate the 747 but there is also a view that  VIASA / KLM was also the first. Whatever, it is the 2nd oldest airline in  the world after KLM.

One reason I particularly like this stamp is the background colour of a yellowish  shade. So many aviation themed stamps show blue skies. How different is this.  I think it I rather attractive.

Enjoy your stamps.   Michael


Hello,  I found this today.  Interesting?     I do not think the perfs have been cut but I do not know anything about stamps from Yugoslavia and the only other copies I have seen of this stamp have always had full perfs. Perhaps this was from a booklet?

Anyway, it was issued in a Postal Services issue in 1990. SG 2596 and shows an ATR aircraft. This plane and variants of the model are built by a French / Italian aircraft manufacturer in Toulouse France. ATR is short for Avions de Transport, or Regional Air Transport in English  Nice little addition to the aviation album.

Have a wonderful weekend   Michael




Hello, A new addition to my aircraft on stamps collection thanks to a very kind collector I have sent stamps to in Malaysia.

This is SG 1274, issued in a set of 7 in 1980 to commemorate the World Aerobatic Championship which was held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.

It shows a Zlin Z-526  Akrobat which is a Czech sports plane.  Quite an amazing plane I believe. Note the interesting aerobatic formation flying shown on the stamp.

I am tempted to look for the complete set now I have seen this.

Enjoy your aerophilately     Michael

Hello, just showing these tonight. I do hope you like them. Not exactly that difficult to find but nice all the same. I was lucky enough to get them on my recent UK visit.

For me 🙂  just nostalgia really.  The BEA aircraft and flights,  so many years back now 🙂

enjoy your aerophilately         Michael     



Hello, just back from the UK and thought you might enjoy seeing these. The 1st value se-tenant and, lucky for me, nicely cancelled.

Tomorrow will show some more from this issue.



Hello,  this stamp bring back sad memories but none the less I am showing it because it is an aviation related stamp and history is history after all.  Issued in 1970, one of a set of 4 to commemorate the Inauguration of the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation.  It is hard to believe that when it was issued, showing the Viscount, named “Hunyani”, tail  VP-WAS,  the plane would have such a sad ending 8 years later.

Its last flight was Air Rhodesia flight 825 in September 1978, operating a scheduled passenger flight from Victoria Falls to the capital Salisbury. On the last leg from Kariba it suffered a hit on its starboard wing from a surface to air missile fired by the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA).  The plane crash landed in a field. Of the 52 passengers and 4 crew, 38 died in the crash. It was reported that 10 more passengers were shot by the guerillas. 8 passengers survived by hiding in the bush.

ZIPRA leader Joshua Nkomo publicly claimed responsibility for shooting down the plane in an interview with the BBC’s Today programme the day following the shooting down of the plane, saying the aircraft had been used for military purposes. And for the history record, this was the first of two Air Rhodesia civilian Viscount aircraft his guerillas shot down, the second was in the following February.

There is history to our stamps, sometimes not so pleasant, but it is there none the less.



Hello, one more Sydney Hong Kong cover. This from 1949 and for the survey flight in March before the opening of the commercial route in June. The aircraft was a Skymaster,  a Douglas DC4,  tail VH-BPA.

However, having written that I should say I have read conflicting information because according to the DC4 Association of South Africa, this aircraft was registered after purchase by Qantas Empire Airways in February 1949 as VH-EBL, and named “Hong Kong Trader”

The Association says the Survey flight operated on 3rd March  Sydney Darwin Labuan Hong Kong.  As you can see this cover is dated 15th March  and clearly backstamped 17th March.

The Australia Air Mail catalogue quotes the pilot as Captain E C Sims and that the flight flew via Manila and reached Hong Kong on 17th March after leaving Sydney on 15th March.   The Associate quotes the pilot as being Captain E Simms.  I wonder which is correct spelling and why the Association has a 3rd March date?  Perhaps a reader will know.

One final piece of trivia, this aircraft, I believe, had the distinction of being owned and operated by all four Australian airlines. Trans Australia Airlines, British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines, Qantas Empire Airways, and Ansett ANA.

Enjoy your aerophilately and your flying   Michael





A few new stamps, as in new issue, released in October 2017.. but only picked up by me when I was in Sydney recently.

Thought you might enjoy seeing these. Some nostaglia with the aircraft types shown.

The stamps were issued to show the Island’s civil aviation history and each stamp represents a “chapter” of this history from 1939 to the 1970s.

Best wishes Michael