Hello, welcome to 2017 and the first blog of the year. I hope you like seeing this first flight cover. It was my Christmas present to myself!! I think I told you it is a good idea to treat yourself.

Anyway as you can see it was flown Manila to San Francisco in 1935. Actually it was on the first flight for the route, being the return flight of the first Clipper service, the first transpacific flight.


This flight was a landmark in aviation history, as I have written before.  Flown by a Pan Am Martin M-130 Flying Boat christened the China Clipper. The outbound flight left San Francisco November 22nd 1935 and arrived in Manila on November 29th. The return flight, on which this cover was flown, left Manila December 2nd and arrived back in San Francisco on December 6th.   What is nice about this envelope is that it was signed by the Pilot, Captain Edwin C Musick a very accomplished and well known Pan Am pilot in those days.

You might also note the stamps on the envelope, with the PI – US Initial Flight  December 1935. These were issued by Philippines Post Office for this flight. They were the 1935 10c Fort Santiago stamp and the 30c Blood Compact stamp, both with the overprint.

Perhaps more about this flight and flown covers in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your stamps and your flying

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Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this cover. Flown Manila to San Francisco in 1935 on the return legs of the first transpacific flight. A significant achievement in aviation back then.

This was Pan Am’s Martin M-130 flying boat, better known as the China Clipper.

The cover shows the special stamps issued by the Philippines Post Office; the 10c Fort Santiago stamp and the 30c Blood Compact issue with overprint PI – US Initial Flight December 1935.

There was a special cachet, as shown on the left hand side of the cover, for mail carried on the flight from Manila to  San Francisco, and this was on 74,719 pieces of mail.

Enjoy your flying and your stamps.   Michael  cddstamps.com




Hello, yes it has been a few weeks since I last wrote. Where does the time go?  Certainly fast and perhaps it seems as fast as this plane. This cover from a friend of mine in Cebu.

If we think the days and weeks go fast, think how fast 39 years has gone by. – Yes 39 years ago that Concorde flew its inaugural scheduled London Heathrow – New York flight and just over 40 years since its first flight.

Lost of trivia can be read about Concorde. Two of my favourites:

Concorde was impeded from flying over Saudi Arabian airspace as it was felt that noise from the aircraft would disturb camel breeding.

Phil Collins used Concorde to perform at Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia on July 13, 1985.

Enjoy your aerophilately    Michael  cddstamps.com




Hello, These past few days I have been sorting and listing Bechuanaland and Botswana to the online store.  I came across this stamp. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

It is from the 1966 Independence Issue (interesting political history I might add)  and it is one of a set of 4. This is SG 204 and shows a Botswana National Airways DC3. The  airline was  just Bechuanaland National Airways renamed after Independence. It did not last long, going bankrupt in 1969 and then being acquired by the Government and renamed Botswana Airways Corporation which in turn fail around 1971. But that is another story and history of the airline industry in South Africa back in this days in general perhaps!

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Hello, one more from Portugal tonight, and another of the stamps I picked up at the Show in Taipei.

This miniature sheet is another of the Portugal 2014 – Airplanes that Azores Know –  issue showing a  Lockheed Super Constellation. It looks like it could be a KLM aircraft but I am not sure.  As for the reason for using it on the stamp, again I cannot be sure. There were a few Super Connie craches in and around the Azores. Perhaps a reader will know.

One accident I do know about is the Air France one in October 1949.  This plane, F-BAZN departed Paris-Orly at 20:05 for a flight to New York with an intermediate stop at Santa Maria, Azores. Sadly on approach to Santa Monica and the crew acknowledging landing instructions, nothing more was heard from the flight. The Constellation had struck the Redondo Mountain at an elevation of 900 m. Sadly all 96 crew and passengers were killed in the crash including the famous violinist Ginette Neveu and the famous boxer Marcel Cerdan.

Anyway, whatever the plane it is still a lovely tribute to those who flew her, and many other Connies.

Enjoy your flying and your stamps   Michael   cddstamps.com


Hello, I am back from the PhilaTaipei Stamp Exhibition in Taipei and thought you might like to see a few of the stamps I found while browsing the various dealer stands.

This is one of my favourites. Issued by Portugal  in 2014 to celebrate “Airplanes that Azores Know” The aircraft shown on the stamp is tail NC 18603, also known as the Yankeee Clipper. It made its maiden flight in 1939 and its last in February 1943 when it left Horta in the Azores for Lisbon. Unfortunately, it crashed while attempting to land when the left wingtip of the aircraft contacted the water of the River Tagus during a descending turn. Sadly also, 48 of the 78 crew and passengers died in the accident.

The Boeing clipper is widely regarded at the summit of flying boat technology.  It inaugurated the world’s first transatlantic  heavier-than-air service, and carried passengers and cargo around the globe in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Large, luxurious, and reliable — and with, what was then, an astounding range of 3,500 statute miles — the B-314 made intercontinental passenger airline service a practical reality.

The B-314 could carry 74 passengers and 10 crew, although in overnight sleeper configuration, the ship accommodated 40 passengers in seven luxurious compartments, including a 14-seat dining room and a private “honeymoon suite” at the tail end of the plane.

Over the course of their careers, the B-314’s operated by Pan American made approximately 5,000 ocean crossings and flew more than 12.5 million miles, and each of Pan Am’s Boeing clippers accumulated more than 18,000 flight hours.

Enjoy your flying and your stamps.  Michael  cddstamps.com



Hello I hope you like seeing tonight’s’ first flight cover.

Being in the Philippines motivates me to learn more about the aviation history here, particularly because there is so much to appreciate given the pioneering aviation achievements in the early 1900s.

Of note is perhaps is the landmark date of November 22nd 1935 when a Pam Am Martin M-130 Flying Boat christened “The China Clipper” left San Francisco bound for Manila. The route was San Francisco – Honolulu – Midway Island – Wake Island – Guam – Manila.  The cover above was carried through to Manila arriving there November 29th.  There were 44,346 pieces of mail flown.

The stamps on the cover were a special issue by the US Postal Service – the stamp is known as the Transpacific Air Mail stamp.  There was also a special chachet in green issued by the Post Office, as shown on the reverse.

There is lots more to tell and I will do that over the coming weeks.

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Hello, I am back in the Philippines after a wonderful long weekend in Hong Kong.  I did manage to get to the Mong Kok stamp arcade but did not buy any stamps this time. Nothing new to show you from that visit.

So,  since I was showing space related stamps in my last post I thought I would continue with the them and show the above because today marks another space anniversary. One I think worthy of mention, and, while I do know if she was recognised on a stamp there is this cover to commemorate the space walk.

She performed the first extra vehicular activity (more popularly known as an EVA) by an American woman during the  Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41-GON on October 11th 1984. She and mission specialist David Leestma  carried out a  3½ hour space walk in which they operated a system designed to show that a satellite could be refueled in orbit.

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Tonight this strip of 5, because it was today, October 4th, back in 1957 that the space race took off, so to speak, with the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth.
The Sputnik stamp is shown on the cover I produced for the first commercial A380 flight from Sydney to Singapore, and on which I was a passenger carrying my covers. I hope you enjoy seeing the cover, the stamps and remembering how long ago 1957 was!!!!, let alone how it is hard to believe it was 9 years ago that the A380 started commercial flying. Enjoy your stamps and the memories I hope they give you.. Michael
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Hello,  I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp from France. Issued in 1970. One of a set of 4 commemorating aviation pioneers. Nothing really special but it is lovely to have in an aviation collection I think. I will have to look out for the other three in due course.

It shows Didier Daurat (on the left) and Raymond Vanier. Not exactly the most famous of aviation pioneers  – well to me anyway. The plane is a DC-4

Daraut was by all means an interesting and generally I believe an unliked character. He was a fighter pilot during World War I. After the war he joined an airline run by the famous Pierre-Georges Latécoère as a pilot and later as the Operations Director.

Raymond Vanier is also remembered as a pioneering aviator who played a key role in the development of French and Spanish civil aviation

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