Hello, so here we are at Part 10.   Yes this will be last one in this series. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these stamps.   A rather different selection as there has not been a lot to talk about the aircraft but still somewhat educational perhaps, to learn a little about Cameroun.

These final few stamps come from a 1977  History of Aviation issue. So we have jumped 20 years basically.

I chose these two for the contrast, from the Sikorsky S 43 which I have shown and written about many times to the Concorde, which I have not written about once. Why you may well ask – another story.  What amazing progress in really what was a short span of years; 1935 for the Sikorsky to 1969 when Concorde completed its maiden flight.

Thank you once again to all my readers. Feel free to write and make suggestions. I enjoy hearing from you all.  

And yes, we need a theme for the next series. The last one before I finally get back on a plane, as am leaving for London in 7 days so a short next series for sure!

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