Tonight one stamp from the 1946 Air Post issue. There were 6 stamps in this issue and they all show an aircraft flying over the ruins of Warsaw. The question I have is, what is the aircraft?

Does anyone know?  Read Scott and you will see the annotation Douglas, and read SG you will see reference to a Lisunov Li-2.

Read Google and you will find both are “correct” because the Lisunov was a license built Soviet version of a Douglas DC-3. The aircraft was originally built in Moscow  then later in Tashkent and the name comes from the engineer involved in the project, Boris Pavlovich Lisunov.

A rather interesting story and too long for much here but this to tempt you to read more elsewhere.

The government of the USSR purchased 21 DC-3s for operation by Aeroflot before WW II. A production license was awarded to the government on 15 July 1936. Lisunov spent two years at the Douglas Aircraft Company, between November 1936 and April 1939 translating the design specification to meet USSR requirements.

There is more to stamps than just looking at a picture, don’t you agree?

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