Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you all have a wonderful festive season, lots of time for philately and perhaps my Christmas quiz about this stamp.

It is a lovely stamp in my view and shows an interesting aircraft. Not a model you may be familiar with. It is an Avro Type 688 Tudor.  It was a British piston engine plane from the 1940s. It was Britain’s first pressurized aircraft and had a very distinctive tailwheel undercarriage as you can see in the photograph. This particular aircraft on the Bahamas stamp of 1948 to commemorate the Tercentenary of Settlement of the island of Eleuthera is known as a Tudor Type IV.

The Tudor IV received its Certificate of Airworthiness on 18th July 1947. The first aircraft received by BSAA (British South American Airways later merged into BOAC) ) was G-AHNK “ Star Lion” It flew flights to Havana via Lisbon, the Azores, Bermuda and Nassau from October 31st 1947.  I can only assume that because of the Nassau stopover that is why the aircraft was used on this stamp.   There is another option and that concerns that sad loss of two of these aircraft in the region in 1948 and the again in early 1949.

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Now for the quiz.  It is Christmas so I might find a few prizes if I get the correct answers with your mailing address (no address means I cannot mail you a prize if you get the correct answers)  to the following:

  • BSAA aircraft were (mostly I believe) named Star “something” why was the word Star used in the aircraft name?
  • In what year did this plane become a BOAC aircraft?
  • what is the commonly used name of the area in which the two aircraft were lost in 1948 and 1949?

Thanks for being a reader of cddstamps during 2018. I look forward to showing more stamps and writing more in 2019.   Best wishes          Michael