Tonights aviation stamp is from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force issue of 1981, SG 409. You might think oh, just an aircraft image on a stamp. There is so much more.

My thanks to various websites, notably, and you will find this surprising, the Amaroo Tavern in Moree, New South Wales, Australia, worth a read if you have the time, and the Australian, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea Military Aircraft Serials & History website at

This aircraft was originally delivered to Australia in 1945 and introduced into the RAAF serving many different squadrons.  In 1975 the Australian Government converted it to a Civilian DC3 and on the 10th October 1975, donated her to the PNG Defence Force, in the name of foreign Aid, where she was given the Aircraft No. P2-003 with the call sign “Defence Force 3”

If you look carefully you might be able to make out the 03 on the nose.

The aircraft gave approximately 5000 hours of service to the PNG Defence Force until it was pensioned off in January 1992.

It was bought by tender from the PNG  Defence Force in July 1993 and the aircraft was flown to Moree NSW  where it is now on display outside the Amaroo Tavern.


Must visit there one day, now I have read all this history!

Enjoy your stamps and the history they hold for us.