Hello,  One stamp this weekend that I hope you enjoy seeing.  Issued in 1978 it is actually the 1974 issue with a value surcharge.

The 1974 issue was issued by Bhutan to commemorate the Centenary of the Universal Postal Union.  It shows the Concorde and a Vickers FB-27 Vimy.

The Vimy was a British heavy bomber aircraft developed and manufactured by Vickers Limited during the latter stages of the First world War. Only a few aircraft entered service by the time of the Armistice in November 1918.

The Vimy achieved success as both a military and civil aircraft. A transport derivative of the Vimy, the Vickers Venon, became the first dedicated troop transport aircraft to be operated by the RAF.

During the interwar years the Vimy set several notable records for long-distance flights; perhaps the most celebrated and significant of these was the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic. This was flown by John Alcock and Arthur Brown in June 1919. Other record-breaking flights were flown from the UK to destinations such as south Africa and Australia.

Enjoy your aerophilately and have a great weekend   Michael……