Hello,  well it has been a long time since I last wrote.  Sincere apology. Time just flew by.  And, Happy New Year, belated I know, but all the same I hope everyone has a brilliant 2018. Lots of safe and comfortable flying and plenty of enjoyment from your aerophilately.

I was sorting my desk today. absolute mess I might add, and found this MS. Hope you enjoy seeing it. I didn’t even know I had it.

Some interesting aircraft.   See the Fairey Gorden reg KR-2641, bottom left stamp. Some interesting history there. A passenger sadly fell from the aircraft, near Kolani Springs, in Dafur Province, Sudan back in 1935.  How that could happen I have no idea. The aircraft was a 2 seat light weight bomber /  biplane. I will be happy in the front of an A340-300 in a few days, flying to Sydney!  Certainly better food and better comfort than these old bi-planes !!!

Will try to write more often.   Enjoy your aerophilately and your flying

Michael       cddstamps.com