Hello, here is a lovely cover for you.  Found it today in some stock.  Absolutely brilliant condition given it is 37 years old in a weeks time. Much like me   hahahahahahah.    Absolutely brilliant condition that is, not 37 years old. 🙂

The stamps were issued for no other reason, that I can tell, than to issue new stamps. The four are SG 761 – 764  (Scott 759-62) and they show very strangely named aircraft:  the CA-6 Wackett, the CA-25 Winjeel, the CA-13 Boomerang and the N22B-Nomad.  What they do have in common is the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory and being Government  developed planes.  Interesting planes to read about but I will leave that research to you if you are interested.  Let me just do a little promo here for the November 20% Australia sale. at  cddstamps Australia sale,

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Treat yourself for Christmas:  which I see is only 46 days away..  will be here in a flash 🙂

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