Hello, two lovely stamps today and with some very interesting history around the aircraft and the Air Services they provided for the Isle of Man and other parts of the UK starting back in the 1930s.

The 11p value, SG 267 shows a de Havillland DH 84 operated by Railway Air Services.  The 13p, SG 268 shows a DH 86A (also known as the de Havilland Express) which operated mail service for Blackpool and West Coast Air Services.  The DH86A was a variant of the DH 86, a four engine passenger aircraft manufactured between 1934 and 1937. When the aircraft first entered service in 1934 it was built as a single pilot aircraft but later converted to a two pilot aircraft,  the DH 86A – Qantas would not accept a single pilot aircraft because they were concerned about the anticipated pilot fatigue issues over long journeys –  so many jokes there but I will be serious and say how correct they were of course.  Anyway, the first single pilot aircraft was built with a new engine made by de Havilland,  the 200hp Gipsy Six, and at the time the aircraft was the fastest British built passenger aircraft operating anywhere in the world.

There is so much interesting history around the planes and air services achievements associated with these two stamps. If you want to read more here are two links. Both highly recommended reading.  For Blackpool and West Coast Air Services you will be absorbed reading this link

To see more stamps and covers – a collection in its own right I should add – have a look at this link

Have a great weekend.  Michael