This weekend in the UK the Autumn Stampex Exhibition is being held in London.  Sadly I am not there. Timing didn’t work out for me. I will be in the UK in three weeks, very poor planning on my part.  However, I do hope to get a set or two or more of these. To be issued at the Exhibition from Post and Go machines there, three machines I believe.

Briefly, they show, clockwise from top left, UK aerial mail from Windsor Castle 1911, then the Military Mail flight 1919, Domestic Airmail 1934, Datapost service 1980, Flying boat airmail 1937, and  International airmail 1933.  Rather nice set I think.

I would expect most readers to be familiar with all of these except maybe one, the Datapost service. Datapost was introduced as an express mail service for guaranteed next day delivery in any part of the UK and involved transporting mail from airports all over the country. The aircraft shown on the stamp is an Embraer Bandeirante which was operated by Air Ecosse, a Scottish Airline at the time. The aircraft was actually a EMB 110P1 a quick change civil cargo / passenger aircraft with a rear cargo door.  There were about 30 versions of the plane I might add.

Anyone know why the 1980 date on the stamps?   Surely I am being very dumb here because I thought Datapost was introduced earlier than 1980.

And Air Ecosse, long since a forgotten airline, closing down in the mid 1980s I think.

have a great weekend   Michael        and just so I know you know, click this link     you might enjoy seeing some First Flight Covers, not too many but nice one I think.