Hello, another cover from the Philippines I hope you enjoy seeing this one.

I was in Manila a few weeks ago and walking out of the Central Post Office I saw a small desk behind which was a guy selling “old” covers. I found this.

Nothing too special but I have a love of the old Viscount aircraft so thought it would be a nice addition to my collection.

As you can see it was created for the inaugural Viscount flight by Philippine Airlines from Manila to Cebu in 1958. I do not know anything about the flight or the route at the time but it was the introduction of the Viscount that saw PAL enter the turbo prop age in 1958 when they acquired 4 Viscounts.

The 20c Air Mail stamp – SG 781 – shows Lt Jose Gozar. He became well known because of his heroics in 1941 when Japanese bombers were flying over the Zablan airfield in Manila. With his guns jammed he attempted to ram the Japanese fighters and it was reported that he forced the Japanese planes to fly away without further attacks on the airfield. What makes it more daring is that he was flying an obsolete Boeing P-26 “peashooter”, (the plane shown on the stamp) a 1932 monoplane, which was pretty much past its use by date by then I expect. Gozar was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery.

Enjoy your aviation and aerophilately Michael