Hello, Friday night here and time for a stamp or two. These as you can see from The Falkland Islands. Issued in 1978  to commemorate the 26th Anniversary of the first direct flight  from Southampton in England, to Port Stanley.

The aircraft, as shown on the stamps, was a Short Hythe Flying Boat tail number G-AGJN  named Hudson from Aquila Airways.  It made the journey, departing from Southampton on 21st April and arriving in Port Stanley on 28th April, flying via Lisbon, Sal – Cape Verde Is, Natal – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo.  The return flight departed on 2nd May arriving back on the 8th following the same route and stops. The total flying time was 48 hours 15 minutes I have read.  The flights carried airmail in both the directions.

There is so much to read about these early flights and the airlines that flew flying boats. I will leave you with one reference you might enjoy.  This is not too long and in my view recommended reading


Enjoy your aerophilately. Have a great weekend           Michael  cddstamps.com


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