Hello, Hope you enjoy seeing this stamp. Issued by Royal Mail in 1994. It is SG 1808, one of 10 Greetings stamps issued in the 7th series of Greeting stamps. I was sorting stamps today to add to the online store and found some of these.

It has an aviation them so thought I would show it here, and because I rather like it. It show “Biggles”.

Biggles  was a fictional pilot and adventurer and the title character and hero of the Biggles series of adventure books written by Captain W E Johns.

There is so much material here to do a competition but surely everyone knows Biggles and the stories.  I think 98 books were written.   Ok one question. What squadron was Biggles in?  email me at  and I might just find a prize 🙂  for someone deserving 🙂

Enjoy your stamps, your aerophilately, your flying and your reading.

and of course, it goes without saying if you need this stamp for your collection you will find it in the cddstamps online store here 

Have a great weekend    Michael