Hello, today one more Great Britain stamp. Primarily because it too is trying to depict two aircraft types. The other day I showed SG 754 and asked if anyone knew what the other aircraft was meant to be.  Yes it was a bit of a “blob” on the top of the jet engine wasn’t it.  It was meant to be a Gloster Whittle E28/39.

And we had a winner, A keen aviation follower from Canada. Well done.

Royal Mail obviously had a theme at the time of showing the main aircraft image with a little “blob” type image. So what is the extra plane, actually three are shown?   Will tell you in the next post.

As for the stamp, it is SG 769 from the 1968 “Anniversaries” issue and shows a Sopwith Camel bi-plane. Obviously, the anniversary in question was the 50th anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

The plane is an appropriate selection for the anniversary I think.  It was a key aircraft in the RAFs fleet during the First World War and Sopwith pilots are credited with shooting down 1294 enemy aircraft, that is more than any other Allied fighter during the conflict.

Enjoy your aerophilately.. Michael