Hello, one more cover with another value of the Airmail stamp issue that I showed on a cover the other evening.

This  cover was released in 1947  to  – as it says on the cover – commemorate the first airmail stamps. I note it has the same mailing address as the cover I showed the the evening so obviously sent to a collector in the US. And, this time the senders address is on the reverse.  I will be in Candon in 12 days time, I wonder if the same family is still there. What a small world!

Back to my theme of  Airmail stamps.  Technically these were not the First Airmail stamps. They were the first Airmails stamps of the Republic of the Philippines. Technicality I think. The first Airmail stamps are considered to be those overprinted values of the 1917-1927 regular issue with the words “AIRMAIL MADRID MANILA 1926”. They were issued by the postal authorities in Manila to commemorate the inaugural flight from Madrid to Manila in 1926 (which took 39 days by the way) by the Spanish aviators Edwardo Gallarza and Joaquin Loriga.

The first regular airmail stamp issue was in 1941 issue. I must try and find a set to add to my collection and show you.

Enjoy your aerophilately