Hello, a very simple cover  to show you today.  Sometimes plain and simple can be the most appealing.

This was issued in June 1948 to commemorate the inauguration of the first terminal  and airport facilities at what became Manila airport  when it came under the ownership of the National Airport Corporation  after the move of the airport from its old location following Philippine Independence.

Perhaps more correctly it was the handover of the terminal and facilities from the US Air Force to the Philippine government.

At the time the facilities were basically just the domestic runway and a small building which served as the passenger terminal.

I have read conflicting views about the terminal: one suggests the site of todays Terminal 2 was where the original terminal facilities were, another suggests the terminal exists today as Terminal 4 and what is often referred to as the Old Domestic Terminal.

Perhaps a reader knows more?

The stamp is the 6c low value from the 1947 Air Mail issue.

Enjoy your aerophilately