Hello and tonight the third of my flight covers for the inaugural of the China Clipper service. This was the second part of my Christmas present to myself. 🙂    It was flown San Francisco to Manila and has the cachet in green showing that detail and the special stamps known as the Transpacific Air mail stamp which was issued by the US Postal service for the occasion.


Some trivia for you. The China Clipper flew 8210 miles from San Francisco to Manila, departing November 22nd and arriving in Manila on November 29th after stops in Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam.  There were 44,346 pieces of mail picked up in San Francisco for onward carriage to Manila.  By comparison the Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to San Francisco takes just over 12 hours covering a route just short of 7000 miles.

While I think the China Clipper flight would be so much fun, I will stay with Philippine Airlines!

Enjoy your aerophilately, and your flying. Am off to Manila in a few days so will write more on return.

Best wishes …. Michael