Hello, welcome to 2017 and the first blog of the year. I hope you like seeing this first flight cover. It was my Christmas present to myself!! I think I told you it is a good idea to treat yourself.

Anyway as you can see it was flown Manila to San Francisco in 1935. Actually it was on the first flight for the route, being the return flight of the first Clipper service, the first transpacific flight.


This flight was a landmark in aviation history, as I have written before.  Flown by a Pan Am Martin M-130 Flying Boat christened the China Clipper. The outbound flight left San Francisco November 22nd 1935 and arrived in Manila on November 29th. The return flight, on which this cover was flown, left Manila December 2nd and arrived back in San Francisco on December 6th.   What is nice about this envelope is that it was signed by the Pilot, Captain Edwin C Musick a very accomplished and well known Pan Am pilot in those days.

You might also note the stamps on the envelope, with the PI – US Initial Flight  December 1935. These were issued by Philippines Post Office for this flight. They were the 1935 10c Fort Santiago stamp and the 30c Blood Compact stamp, both with the overprint.

Perhaps more about this flight and flown covers in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your stamps and your flying

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