Hello,  I haven’t really had much to write about recently as I have not been doing anything with aerophilately.  But, I came across this stamp today and while I may have shown it before, years back  perhaps, it reminded me to write something.

I actually think this is a lovely stamp. Nostalgia eh!!!!   One of the 5 stamps issued in 2002 as part of the 50th Anniversary of Passenger Jet Aviation.  Lovely aircraft this, well it was back then in the 1970s when it was flying.  I cannot remember the flights without looking but I did fly on this actual plane,  G-ARPA, a few times, oh that was a long time ago 🙂    It was a Trident 1 for those who are interested.

Enjoy your aerophilately

Michael   http://www.cddstamps.com