Hello, Friday night, another week gone so fast. I hope you had a great week and found time for some stamps. Always a great way to relax I think.

Tonight another from Montserrat:  This is SG 654, issued as part of a set to commemorate the Royal (UK Royals that is) visit to the island in 1985. The stamp was originally issued in 1983 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of manned flight (not powered flight!)  and shows a Lockheed Vega V – it is overprinted with the Caribbean Royal Visit 1985 impression.

This is really quite a famous aircraft, as many readers might know.  Since I have not had a competition for a long time I thought this timely…  send me the answer;  who was the first person to fly this aircraft across the Atlantic?  and I’ll find a nice Montserrat stamp or stamps for you as a prize.  Please include your mailing address… no address no winner..    winner will be first correct answer ……My choice as I go through the stock I am currently loading to my Bidstart Store.

Have a great weekend..   Michael    cddstamps.com