Hello, yes I have been absent from the blog and in fact from the internet for quite a few weeks now.

As many will know I moved from Hong Kong to the Philippines at the end of June. Two weeks after that, after basically getting settled and mostly unpacked I had a long weekend  in Da Nang, Vietnam. Really great place and I recommend a visit. Lovely people,  excellent food, some great places to visit, beautiful beaches,   just excellent.   Anyway one of the things about moving is one finds some of those lost philatelic materials you knew you had but couldn’t find.

Some years ago I had a sort of pen pal exchange with someone in Germany, sadly I lost touch, my fault or theirs I have no idea but I still have the lovely aviation related stamps they sent me.   So while unpacking from the move I found many of the stamps and cards that I received. Hope you enjoy seeing this card. I have many with planes on but I thought this was more interesting for a change.

Will be writing more over coming days and weeks now and,  FYI, I have cddstamps back in action full time. Apology for slow responses to some emails and mailing of orders, but all caught up now.

Best wishes……..      Michael      cddstamps.com