Hello, tonight something from Canada.  A “Special Delivery” stamp, by Air. It was issued in 1946 and shows a Canadair DC-4M Northstar (tail CF-TOM)  of Trans Canada airlines.

This is an interesting aircraft for a number of reasons, well I think so.

It was a 1940s Canadian development of the Douglas DC-4 but used Rolls Royce Merlin engines for a faster cruising speed.  Also it had the Douglas DC-6 nose and landing gear, a shortened fuselage and cabin pressurization. It was first flown in July 1946. It was used by airlines we no longer hear of, notably Canadian Pacific, BOAC and British Midland. 51 aircraft were produced I believe with BOAC taking 22.

I like the stamp design as well. SG S16 with a catalogue value of £4.50 for Mint unused, as is this copy. A nice addition to my aviation collection I think.

Hope you enjoyed seeing it.