Hello, yes not been writing much have I. Been rather busy, but I suppose that is nothing new. I would like to show you this lovely and very interesting cover.

From the 1925 Italy – Australia – Asia – Italy flight by Franceso de Pinedo with mechanic Ernesto Campanelli in a SIAI Savoia 16 flying boat.

This cover was carried on the Manila Aparri leg on 16th September 1925.

The full flight was quite amazing I think, departing Rome on April 21st 1925, and returning to Rome on 7th November.  If you are interested, and I do recommend this reading, you can see more here but I should warn you there is a sad ending, if you do not already know about his amazing life.

This cover should be of interest to my seaplane friends as Franceso de Pinedo  was an influential advocate of the seaplane, sharing a belief with many other aviators of his time that flying boats were the key to aviation’s future because of their ability to land safely on the sea in the case of emergencies during long flights over water.

He also believed that seaplanes were more practical than landplanes because of the proximity to water of most cities and towns. With airports not yet common, Pinedo observed, “Civilization is built on water. The world’s principal cities are mirrored by seas, rivers, or lakes. Why not utilize these immense, ready-to-use, natural air strips in place of costly airports? Pinedo even envisioned a day when people would commute to work each day by piloting their own seaplanes from ponds near their homes to municipal docks in city marinas, where they would moor their planes near their places of employment, then return to them to fly home for the evening.

By 1925, Pinedo’s advocacy of the seaplane and its capability to make global air travel feasible led to him being regarded as Italy’s leading expert on aviation matters, especially after he presented a paper to the Royal Aeronautical Society in London.

Times have changed of course but not a bad line of thinking back then I guess.

Have a great weekend