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But to this cover which I hope you enjoy seeing. It was flown in 1929 on a de Havilland DH66 Hercules on the first commercial flight from the UK to India.  Well to Calcutta as per address and backstamp.

I have read that the journey involved four different aircraft and included 20 stops en route using multiple modes of transport. The route was London (Croydon)-Paris-Basle by Argosy (by air), Basle-Genoa (by train), Genoa-Rome (Ostia)-Naples-Corfu-Athens-Suda Bay (Crete)-Tobruk-Alexandria by Calcutta by  flying boat, a Short S.8 I think,  and  Alexandria-Gaza-Rutbah Wells-Baghdad-Basra-Bushire-Lingeh-Jask-Gwadar-Karachi.  Am confused myself so how the pilots worked it out is beyond me! The planned all-air route could not be operated as Italy would not allow British aircraft to enter Italy from France, and flying over the Alps then was not considered practical. The London-Karachi journey time was seven days and a single fare was £130.

I am happy to have anyone correct me or provide more details.

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