Hello, been nearly two weeks since I wrote. Wow, that was a fast two weeks.

I found this and while it is not showing an aircraft it is aviation related. This was issued in 1984, November 9th to be exact. It was issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  It will be the 91st anniversary in just over a week, so timely to show it I think.

The RCAF traces its history to the Canadian Air Force which was formed in 1920. The Canadian Air Force was incorporated in 1923 and granted royal sanction in 1924 by King George V. I knew I could get my favourite stamp era in there somewhere! George V that is.

If I was to tell you that…. ” it is located on Vancouver Island and that  its Aurora crews provide surveillance of the Pacific Ocean and western and Arctic regions..”   what would I be talking about?    I will find some Canada stamps for the first correct answer. Just email me at and please include your mailing address.

Oh and well done to Steve from Australia who wrote to me – very briefly I might add – to tell me that the pictures in the last blog were from the new Cathay Pacific A350 XWB  MSN 032. I am trying to get on the delivery flight with some flight covers.  50 50 at the moment. but will keep trying.

Best wishes … Michael