Hello, something very different tonight, pictures I don’t think many will ever see so I thought I would share with you.

Anyone know what these pictures are showing.

CTR-Wing-Tank,LHS--Fwd-Spar  CTR-Wing-Tank-RHS-Aft-Spar-Pump-and-scavenge-system

The stamp is a clue, before you read on. Two clues in the picture in fact.


One clue was Airbus aircraft, the other is Finnair.

Ok last clue, Finnair is the first airline in Europe to operate the A350 XWB.

Any idea now?

Ok, they are pictures of the inside of the centre wing fuel tanks on an A350 XWB. The top picture shows the left hand side forward spar, and the bottom one shows the right hand side aft spar pump and scavenge system. Cool eh!!!!!

Aircraft and stamps. What a magic mix 🙂 .

Best wishes…Michael  www.cddstamps.com

PS  I bet the really clever readers will even be able to tell me which airlines’ A350 XWB this is from 🙂