Hello, yes it has been a while since I wrote, but it is Friday evening here so I finally have some time to think about stamps and aircraft. As for aircraft I had two very comfortable flights recently. KL to London and return. Well done Malaysia Airlines. I do enjoy flying with you.

I may get withdrawal symptons though; I have no flights booked until December. I’ll cope I am sure. Well the bank account will be happy.

While in the UK a friend asked me to look at some stamps he had. From his father I think. Many years old. As might be expected nothing of value that will make him a millionaire.  But this I saw. Rather nice I think.

From the 1937 issue ( SG 258)  it shows an Armstrong Whitworth A W 27 Ensign 1.  This was a  British four-engine plane built during the 1930s for Imperial Airways.  It could seat 40 passengers and was designed for European and Asian routes, connecting Britain with seaplane flights to Australia and South Africa. It was not that successful a plane as first designed I belieive

Now why is this stamp of further historical interest?  Well apparently there were plans for Indian Trans-Continental Airways to use the plane, operating from Calcutta,  but this did not happen. So why did India issue a stamp of a plane it did not fly. Interesting. Anyone know?

And just one more piece of trivia for you. India reissued the stamp in 1940 with a larger King’s head. Why would they do that I wonder?

Have a great weekend, enjoy your flying and your stamps.    Michael