Hello, been a while since I wrote or even found some interesting aviation related stamps. I hope you enjoy seeing these. Quite memorable aircraft.   The stamps were issued in 1979, in the first of a series on Canadian aircraft. This issue was dedicated to flying boats. A nice se-tenant pair. They were issued in horizontal and vertical pairs throughout the sheet. SG 966 and SG 967

The Canadair CL-215, nicknamed the Scooper was the first model in a series of fire fighting flying boat amphibious aircraft built by Canadair and later Bombardier. It is a twin-engine, high-wing aircraft designed to operate well at low speeds and in gust-loading circumstances, as are found over forest fires. It is also able to land and take off from short, unpaved airstrips

The Curtiss HS 2L was a single-engined patrol flying boat built for the US Navy during World War I. Large numbers were built from 1917 to 1919, with the type being used to carry out anti-submarine patrols from bases in France from June 1918. It remained in use with the US Navy until 1928, and was also widely used as a civil passenger and utility aircraft

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