Hello, two nights running. I must be getting bored with life if all I have to do is write about stamps 🙂   Actually no, but today I received this MS. Just wanted to share it with you if you have not already seen it.

Issued a month ago but mine just arrived.  Great job by Royal Mail I will honestly say as the first posting never arrived and they sent a replacement, no argument.  That was good of them.  well done Royal Mail.

Anyway, some learning for me. Fighter command strength on 10 August 1940 was 715 planes of the Royal Air Force and 2550 for the Luftwaffe.  I really enjoy learning from my stamps.  click image to enlarge.

Have a great day, where ever you are. And, oh yes,  to my dear pilot friend I have a sheet for you. Will be in the mail soon.

Michael  ….