Hi, how wonderful to receive so many replies to last nights question, and everyone got the correct answer, well as close as mattered. Winner was Steve from the UK with the first correct answer, and since the second correct answer was also a  guy called Steve and with even more details about the aircraft and why it was there in the ice, (he was from Australia) , I will send a runner up prize, also that Miniature sheet. well done guys and thanks for reading my blog.

It was of course a Hercules –  in fact a RNZAF C130H Hercules on operation Icecube.  This operation started in October 1965 when the RNZAF (no 40 Squadron)  first flew from New Zealand to Antarctica  for what became annual summer flights. Perhaps the stamp was intended as a 20 year Anniversary. I don’t know for sure.  Anyway it all makes for  interesting reading. Try this link if you want to read more –

Tonight a change of pace, to the island of Guernsey and  another fun aircraft to fly in, Well I used to think so.   easier one to recognise?    This from the 1981  Inter Island Transport series.

I’ll find another prize for the first correct answer.   email me at with mailing address please….. I do not keep mailing addresses

Enjoy your flying, and maybe your stamps.

Michael ….