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Hello, tonight another cover from that 1967 Czechoslovakia  issue  that I showed the other night.  On the 60h stamp you can see another Letov aircraft, a L-40 Meta Sokol. This is a sports and touring four-seat single-engine low-wing aircraft of the late 1950s. About 100 were built.

The second stamp, the 1k.60, shows a Zlin Z-526 Trener Master.   This was another sports and aerobatic aircraft and far more successful, if judged by the number built, about 1400.  Also the plane only carried two pilots, a student pilot in the front with the pilot in the rear seat. Mostly used for flying school and the military.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these.

Enjoy your stamps and your flying. I have my feet on the ground for the next 10 days – I  may finally get to list some more stock in my bidStart Store so you can fill a few gaps in your collection.