Hello, wow it has been a month since I last wrote. Sorry about that. Yes been busy, actually very busy. Won’t bore you with details, just a few words about this cover and the pictures. (click images to enlarge)

A friend of mine is married to a Cathay Pilot ( the one holding the covers in the picture below) and over drinks one night some months ago we got talking about the new 777s Cathay was getting and he mentioned he would be on a delivery flight. So, short story,  I designed this cover, he flew it and last night I meet the flight on arrival in Kong Kong.

Pictures tell the rest I  think. I especially like the one of the arrivals board. You won’t see a flight arriving from Everett every day will you. That is Paine Field where Boeing handed over this plane, Cathay’s 51 777-300ER. On the reverse I have some crew signatures and the signature of the CEO Ivan Chu.

Pretty special cover I think. Only 10 flown, and it can never be repeated, you only have one 51st delivery. How can I top this? well am planning for Cathay’s A350 first aircraft in early 2016.

Have a great weekend  … Michael

PS  Thanks to those or you who have written asking how I am am and why not been writing. and special thanks to Thomas.