Hello, I received this is the mail a week ago but had no time to write and show it. Hope you like it. Limited edition of 100 flown by the 32 Royal Squadron RAF and signed by the Group Captain Andy Beacon, the Station Commander at Northolt.

Issued, as you can see, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the RAF at Northolt although I believe the airport was opened in 1915 and that actually pre-dates the RAF by 3 years. Originally established for the Royal Flying Corps, Northolt has the longest history of continuous use of any RAF airfield. Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the station was the first to take delivery of the Hawker Hurricane. The station played a key role during the Battle of Britain, when fighters from several of its units, engaged enemy aircraft as part of the defence of London. It became the first base to have squadrons operating Supermarine Spitfire aircraft within German airspace.

I lived and worked not too far from that airport many years ago so have fond memories of the planes I saw there.

From a philatelic point of view, and perhaps I am being pedantic here, the stamp was a 2014 issue!

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Best wishes .. Michael