Hello, back again. Sorry not writing much these days. Just so little time for writing. Am listing  plenty of new material in my bidStart Store, especially New Zealand, including the above and lots more from the 1950s and 1960s.

The above was issued in 1968  as part of a set to commemorate  the New Zealand Armed Forces. Two awesome aircraft are shown on the stamp. The Canberra I saw fly once at an airshow. As I say, awesome aircraft.

Some trivia for you. In case you didn’t know 🙂  The Canberra was a British (of course !!!  hahaha )  first-generation jet powered bomber manufactured in the 1950s. It  could fly at a higher altitude than any other bomber at the time  and it set world altitude record of 70,310 ft (21,430 m) in 1957.   Bet you didn’t know that 🙂

And, for the aviation enthusiast, the Temora Aviation Museum in Australia, has a former RAF Canberra.  The aircraft is fully restored to airworthiness and painted to represent the Canberras flown by No 2 Squadron RAAF during the Vietnam war. It is Australia’s only airworthy Canberra and the one I saw fly.

Have a great week. Send me your aviation stamps if you want me to write about some aiarcarft and aviation related topic you enjoy on stamps