Hello, tonight another cover which I hope you will enjoy seeing. This is one of my Christmas presents to myself. It arrived yesterday. Rather quicker than I expected.

It is, as you can see, a Rein flight Madrid-Manila signed cover.

In 1932-1933 the Spanish aviator Fernado Rein y Loring made two remarkable flights from Madrid to Manila in a miniature Comper- Swift single seater plane with a 50hp engine. The Philippines  issued a special airmail set to mark his achievement and this cover  was for that issue. It is autographed by the Rein and,  I am led to believe, it is quite  scarce.

All ten stamps from the issue are on the cover. The stamps were actually part of a set first issued in 1906  showing various portraits of mostly as far as I can tell US Presidents.

Now for those who really want to know, I am looking for the 1926 Madrid Manila overprints.   Be interesting to see what they are fetching on the market as the catalogue value is around  £5000 i think, or there abouts. Must  get a lottery ticket for Christmas as well.

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Have a great weekend.. Michael