Hello, well yes I am back again from another “flying” visit to Sydney. This time, as you might guess from the stamp I am showing, I flew Malaysia Airlines.

4 flights, In the air 25 hours all up, round trip,  in two days. Well worth it because I went to a wonderful party , Thanks Captain !!! and I really enjoyed MH aircraft, 737-800  from HKG to KL and back, and A330-300 to Sydney and back to KL, and the service and the crew were wonderful and the flights were all on time.

As testament to the comfort, I slept 7 hours from KL to Sydney, Yes I know, I had no booze and no meals. Well that is another first I think!!!  And the flights were pretty full, in fact Business class was full,  I should tell you, so great to see people travelling with them. They are a great airline in my humble view.

As for the stamp above, it was one of a set of 3 issued in 1989 to commemorate the Inaugural MH 747 non-stop flight from KL to London.

For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you will know I flew the inaugural Malaysia Airlines A380 flight KL to London, which happened on the same day in 2012, July 1st to be precise. I still have a few flown, signed and unsigned, First Flight Covers left  if you are interested. Just email me

Enjoy your stamps, your aerophilately and of course your flying. ………. 747 or single engine what ever it is  🙂

Best wishes…. Michael