Hello, tonight another of the aerogrammes I have recently found. Hope you like this one. Issued in 1992 and still in pristine condition.  

The aircraft shown, as you can see, – click image to enlarge –  is a Nomad, a twin-engine turboprop, high-wing short take off and landing aircraft.  It was designed and built by the Australian Government Aircraft Factories in Melbourne. Major users of the design have included the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia , the Australia Army and the Australian Customs Service. 

Rather a sad history to the aircraft because the Nomad was considered problematic and early Royal Australian Air Force evaluations were critical of the design. An early, stretched-fuselage variant crashed, killing the chief test pilot Stuart Pearce (father of actor Guy Pearce) and the assistant head designer. The Nomad has been involved in a total of 32 total hull-loss accidents which have resulted in 76 fatalities. perhaps not surprisingly only 172 Nomads (including the two prototypes) were manufactured.

Enjoy your stamps and aviation