Hello, I have argued with myself about writing this but decided I should. Seems only right that readers know the situation. The card  above, yes a simple piece of card. was found by me recently on a dealers stall. In fact a few of them, few being about 15. I bought some stamps for the dealer and he gave me 4 of these for free. I asked him where he got them but he could not remember. Interesting as these, many like this one with various Japan stamps, are being sold on eBay for some 9 or there about euros. 

They are not described in the eBay listing – these, and for other A380 first flights, are never described I might add – it is left to the viewer / potential buyer to decide what they are. They appear to be First Flight, but of course they are not in my view. They cannot be. I was on the flight and I knew the Cabin Crew and I was the only person carrying First Flight Covers.

Buyer beware. What more can I say. 

Enjoy your stamps and please try to buy from an accredited seller and one who provides a full description of the item with some degree of provenance.  Tomorrow I will show a genuine First Flight Cover from the Korean Air A380 inaugurals. The first correct email, to  cddstamps@gmail.com,  pointing out a postal difference will receive this card above for free. 

Michael     http://www.cddstamps.com