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Hello, I came across this “card” ( yes it is nothing more than a card, as in postcard and not a special card at that!!) the other day.In a dealers stock. He had no idea what it was. Sad but true. I don’t blame the dealer though. The above is free as a gift to one of my readers. First to write to me to tell me it is a fraud 🙂 Please do not waste your money buying these on eBay. Print them from your own computer..Much cheaper for you.

I flew the inaugural Korean Air A380 flights yet I still see these. It annoys me no end. If you want a  genuine First Flight Cover then email me cddstamps@gmail.com. An example of one of my flown flight covers,  signed by one of the Cabin Crew, is below. Yes I used the wrong boarding pass.. I actually flew all three inaugurals that day.  Busy day, and I send photos with my covers. 

PS check the postal frankings!!!.. I personally franked the envelope at the Japan Post Office in Narita airport so I know they are genuine.

Enjoy your aerophilately, 

Michael    www.cddstamps.com

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