Hi, weekend here and am finally getting around to writing. Been rather busy, sorting and cataloguing and scanning stamps and loading to my Bidstart Store, where I have finally achieved a very rewarding milestone of 10,000 listings. It is made all the harder by the fact people obviously like my material and keep buying so I have to work even harder to keep ahead, but that is good news eh!!

Hope you like this cover. It will be free to whoever buys from my Bidstart store and gets my stock back under 10,000 listings.

Or, if you prefer, just email me for details and it can be yours for US $25 including postage and packing. It comes with certificate of Authenticity, photos from the flight including me with the crew and the cover, including a picture of my boarding card. Genuine flown cover from the inaugural commercial Asiana A380 flight. And, I might add, the only genuine flown covers are from cddstamps!

Have a great weekend Michael
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