Hello, well I finally have some time alone after my visitors have left. Had a wonderful time I must admit but back to stamps and aerophilately.

This cover is nothing special I expect, other than the fact it is in pretty nice condition and just turned 76 years old. What is interesting is that in the Smithsonian Museum in the National Philatelic Collection,  there is an extraordinary collection of covers commemorating the National Air week.  Extraordinary in that the Post Master General, James A Farley, donated his collection of covers, contained in 35 albums, and, all are addressed to him. The covers were sent to him from all the different US States or US possessions. The collection consists of about 7350 items arranged alphabetically by State and Town of origin to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the inauguration of air mail service by the US Post Office. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy your stamps and aerophilately.