Hello, Papua New Guinea tonight. Another cover I rather like, Sadly one stamp has rust but that is common on PNG stamps and covers  I have found. It might be cleaned. Should I remove from the cover I ask myself.  Your thoughts?

This issued, as you can see in 1981, well that is 33 years ago so I guess it has survived well considering.

What exactly is Mission Aviation I hear you ask. Well it is actually the Mission Aviation Foundation (MAF). All over PNG there are large communities without road access – people are totally dependent on the MAF, not just for bringing medical workers, school teachers and the materials to build their schools, but to carry their only means of income (coffee in most parts) and to bring in goods for their community trade stores.

The MAF’s work in PNG started in 1951. With the growth of a strong PNG Church,their role has developed from mostly supporting expatriate missionaries to meeting the air service needs of local Church pastors, Bible Colleges, teachers, students and medical staff. Thus the appropriate postmark, if you look carefully.

Always something interesting to learn from stamps 🙂

Best wishes…. Michael