Hi, nothing very special tonight just a cover I found that I like, mainly because of the stamp, or is it just because of the stamp?

On 1 April 1965 Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL), New Zealand’s international air operator, was renamed Air New Zealand Limited. TEAL had been established in 1939, when the New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australian governments agreed to form a new airline company. The British government withdrew from TEAL in October 1953, leaving New Zealand and Australia as joint owners. New Zealand assumed full ownership in April 1961.

In 1947 the New Zealand government established NZ National Airways Corporation (NAC), which was the primary operator of domestic air services in this country. In April 1978 NAC merged with Air New Zealand, becoming its domestic arm. The enlarged Air New Zealand was the first local carrier to offer both international and domestic services.

Having read that I am wondering why the cover has 50th Anniversary of Air New Zealand and is dated 1990?

Any thoughts 🙂