Hello, yes I am back in Hong Kong after a wonderful trip via Manila to London. First, I have to say how good Philippine Airlines were. Business class on the MNL – LHR – MNL flights, on one of their 777-300ERs. Very comfortable, very nice food and excellent crews. oh! and the wines were very good as well!

In memory of those flights I am showing this Air Letter from 1948.   Close to 66 year ago. Lovely condition and lovely reverse franking I think you will agree.  While the flight to London took 14 1/2 hours (14 hours on the return) I think that was nowhere near how long this Manila – San Francisco flight took.

In May 1948 PAL flew one of its then two newly acquired DC6s across the Pacific. The DC6 enabled PAL to reduce the trans-Pacific crossing to 30 hours (from 41 hours on the DC-4s), by eliminating Kwajelein and making stops only at Guam, Wake and Honolulu. and there was me thinking 14 hours was a long flight 🙂   and for those who want some comparison MNL to SFO is about 7000 miles, and MNL – LHR is about 6700 miles. So not too far apart in distance, except that the 777 does not stop on the way 🙂

Have a great weekend.  Michael